Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Soooooo, I prayed for a Slow Worm today!

Ok no laughing, it is true I prayed for an injured Slow Worm today, (well, you can giggle a little - I did, when I felt a prompting to pray for it!).  You may be wondering why I would do such a strange thing, well it is all perfectly reasonable really, and I shall explain why.  A while ago I made a list of dreams that I want to see fulfilled, I listed 20 things and actually to date a few of them have already been achieved!  But one of my dreams is to pray for someone without a leg (or arm, I'm not fussy) and see it grow back from nothing.  I can't wait to see the joints form and then the foot (or hand) and then down to the toes and fingers! I cannot even begin to comprehend what that would be like, I just really hope I have the presence of mind to take a 'before and after' photo or video the whole event!! But for this to happen I am going to have to pray for people without limbs and this is quite a scary prospect.

So this brings me back to the Slow Worm, I was in the garden and there was an injured Slow Worm on the path, he wasn't moving at all and the end of his tail was missing, it still looked red raw so I can only assume it was a recent injury.  I watched him for a while thinking he was dying and not sure what to do!  So I did what all sensible people do and went and hung out my washing.  But as I was hanging out the washing I felt a nudge from the Holy Spirit to pray for it, and yes I did laugh!  Me being the obedient sort of person I am, I carried on hanging out the washing and went to go back inside but I had to step over the Slow Worm on the way, so I stopped again to see how he was doing.  He still hadn't moved and he didn't look too well, so before I knew it, my hand was out and I was commanding life and health back into the creature!! I declared everything I would have done over a person - no more pain, complete healing, life and a new tail plus a few other things more Slow Worm related.  As I watched he started to move and his tounge started flicking about and before I knew it he was trying to get back down between the pathing slabs.  I would love to tell you that his tail grew back, but sadly it didn't (this time), but he obviously felt better after a bit of a touch from the Creator!

So why pray for the Slow Worm, other than being prompted too - because it was practice!  It is definitely easier to pray for a Slow Worm in my back garden where nobody knows anything about it (until now, of course!), and the Slow Worm is none the wiser as to what I was praying about, than it is to pray for somebody in public without a limb who does know what you are praying about!  I have heard people who are all fired up about raising the dead, saying that you should go and practice on Road Kill, so this was my take on that!  I expect it brought a smile to Father God's face as well - it did to mine.