Sunday, 29 August 2010

Four healings in Church this morning!

What an exciting morning!! We heard a couple of amazing stories during church about healings that have happened recently and at the end of the meeting me and a few other people prayed for those who needed healing.  The first one was a man who had hurt his back that morning and it was quite painful, we prayed and the Holy Spirit really met with him and he was completely healed! The next one was a man who had a pain in his neck which was linked to muscle spasms in his lower back, we prayed once and it was a bit better.  We offered to pray again and he accepted and this time the pain was better again, we prayed for a third time and that time it was a lot better.  Whilst we were praying I saw the muscles moving into place, I told the man this and encouraged him that I felt that there would be complete healing as the day went on.  The third person we prayed for had hardening tendons in his left hand as a result of diabetes, we prayed for him 4 times (we were feeling determined!), and each time the pain got less and less, after the fourth time he said that it had almost gone.  He later told us that before he left church that morning the pain had gone completely! The last person we prayed for was a lady who had painful knees and  black cloud/floaters which would float across her right eye.  We prayed for her knees first, I put my hand on her knees and as we prayed I felt something in her knee move! She tested it afterwards and she said the pain had completely gone!  We then prayed for her eye and when she opened her eye she could no longer see anything floating across her eye!  WOW!  What an amazing morning!  Thank you Father!

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Knee healed!

Treasure Hunting is a funny thing, the amount of times we start out and we seem to get nothing and people don't want to know or we cant even find the clues! This week this was not our experience - we got out on the High Street and I think nearly everybody who passed matched our Appearance clues and it was really busy! It nearly blew my mind, but I felt God say to me that all people are his treasure and we could stop any one of these people and they could encounter him, so this felt like an encouraging start to the morning.

We stopped and talked to lots of people this morning but I will tell you about just a few of them.

One of the significant Treasures from the morning was a lady with a walking stick and a Primark Bag, we also noticed when we stopped her that she had a loose gold chain round her neck. We chatted for a while and found out that she was a Christadelphian so we asked her what that was and we chatted about the similarities to Christianity and things (I still dont really know what it is, but I am going to look into it), we then offered to pray for her and she said that we could pray for her back as she had broken in 10 years ago and then had a car crash a couple of years later so was in alot of pain and on pain killers. She looked a bit shocked when I asked her if we could pray for her there and then, but she accepted. When we had prayed she had a bit of a move around and said that it was definately easier but not gone, we offered to pray again but she wasnt too keen but thanked us and left. I really believe that if we had prayed again, her pain would have gone, but we can only offer.

We then headed up the High Street and one of our more random appearance clues was purple, my Treasure Hunting friend didn't know if it was a top or bag or what it was, until we realised it was all of those and more! As we looked up the street we saw a lady dressed head to toe in purple, she had purple trousers on, a purple top, and a purple cardigan! There was no doubt in any of our minds that she was God's Treasure, so we approached her. The names Sylvia, Lizzie and Tom meant something to her and she had a painful knee due to Arthritis. So we offered to pray her and she accepted. She sat on a bench and I knelt down and put my hand on her knee and prayed. Once I had prayed I asked her to stand up and test it out and she did, she was amazed to find that the pain had gone. She said that she would need to walk a bit as that was when it hurt the most, so she did and she was thrilled to tell us that it didnt hurt. She was really excited as she was going on holiday in September and to have no pain would be excellent! She went for a bit of a longer walk to the end of the bench turned round with a beaming smile on her face and said 'Thanks so much, the pain has gone' and then waved goodbye! I wanted to call her back to chat some more but she was gone. We were so excited! Next time healed and saved!!!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

A healed Finger and Blue Shoes!

We were joined today by a brand new Treasure Hunter and she was very excited and up for the challenge; I on the other hand, was lacking in faith and feeling like nothing much was going to happen today. I had to have a word with myself and stop listening to lies and then began to pray that we would find the clues that God had given us. We were heading to the Costa Coffee Shop in Princesshay and we saw a lady sitting outside with a yellow bag, we were going to approach her but somebody she knew turned up and they started chatting so we thought it would be rude to interrupt, as we turned round there was a lady Street Cleaner coming along and the bag which she put her rubbish in was bright yellow, seeing as she was also outside Costa we decided to chat to her. She looked at the clues on all 3 maps but nothing else applied to her, so we just asked if there was anything that she would like prayer for and she showed us her fingers. On of them was swollen slightly crooked, she said she had fallen over a couple of weeks ago and fractured two of her fingers, one was much better but the one which was swollen was still painful. I asked if we could pray for her and she agreed. She put her hand on mine and then I put my other hand on top, I began to pray for healing of the finger and I felt her finger move. When I had finished I asked her how it was and she was about to just fob us off with an 'oh its fine' but then she clenched her fist and said 'Wow it is alot better!' It was amazing, sadly she had to get off to work so literally left straight after being healed, so we couldnt talk to her about what had just happened. But maybe we will see her again!

We then moved down the road to the Post Office and stood outside was a man with blue shoes on! They weren't just nominal blue shoes, they were sky blue trainers - seriously in your face shoes! So there was no denying we had to talk to him. We approached him and he was very friendly and open to help us with our other clues. It turned out that he had an Aunty Betty, and an Uncle Frank and he had recently had an operation on his knee and his wife had problems with her ears! That was a lot of clues which applied to him. We asked him what his beliefs were and he said he was an Atheist, so I asked him what he thought about the clues and finding him today. He said he thought it was just random! I was quite surprised really as so many of the clues fitted him. So we chatted to him for a while longer and then he went to leave and he said that we had made his day! We have no idea what that man will consider about what happened to him today, but I do know that we made an invisible God, very visible to him, and maybe it is a step toward him actually being able to see God for himself one day.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Healing on a Bench

Shortly after my experience of praying for the old man who sat next to me on a bench and him being healed of Chest Pains, my fellow Treasure Hunter had an amazing experience.  She was walking to work and saw a man sitting on a bench holding crutches, she felt that God wanted her to pray for him.  She immediately went into the shop he was sat outside and hoped he might be gone by the time she came out, but he wasnt!  She came out and very bravely approached him and explained who she was and that she really felt that God wanted her to pray for him.  She asked why he had the crutches and he said that he had recently had a Hip Replacement operation and was in alot of pain.  So she offered to pray for that and he gladly accepted.  After praying, she asked how his hip was feeling and he said that the pain was alot better but not gone completely, so she offered to pray again.  He was a bit bemused but accepted and after praying for the second time the pain was completely gone! Wow!!  Thank you Father!

Stepping out is the hard bit but it is so fantastic that God does the rest - watch this space for me 'Bench' encounters!