Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Knee healed!

Treasure Hunting is a funny thing, the amount of times we start out and we seem to get nothing and people don't want to know or we cant even find the clues! This week this was not our experience - we got out on the High Street and I think nearly everybody who passed matched our Appearance clues and it was really busy! It nearly blew my mind, but I felt God say to me that all people are his treasure and we could stop any one of these people and they could encounter him, so this felt like an encouraging start to the morning.

We stopped and talked to lots of people this morning but I will tell you about just a few of them.

One of the significant Treasures from the morning was a lady with a walking stick and a Primark Bag, we also noticed when we stopped her that she had a loose gold chain round her neck. We chatted for a while and found out that she was a Christadelphian so we asked her what that was and we chatted about the similarities to Christianity and things (I still dont really know what it is, but I am going to look into it), we then offered to pray for her and she said that we could pray for her back as she had broken in 10 years ago and then had a car crash a couple of years later so was in alot of pain and on pain killers. She looked a bit shocked when I asked her if we could pray for her there and then, but she accepted. When we had prayed she had a bit of a move around and said that it was definately easier but not gone, we offered to pray again but she wasnt too keen but thanked us and left. I really believe that if we had prayed again, her pain would have gone, but we can only offer.

We then headed up the High Street and one of our more random appearance clues was purple, my Treasure Hunting friend didn't know if it was a top or bag or what it was, until we realised it was all of those and more! As we looked up the street we saw a lady dressed head to toe in purple, she had purple trousers on, a purple top, and a purple cardigan! There was no doubt in any of our minds that she was God's Treasure, so we approached her. The names Sylvia, Lizzie and Tom meant something to her and she had a painful knee due to Arthritis. So we offered to pray her and she accepted. She sat on a bench and I knelt down and put my hand on her knee and prayed. Once I had prayed I asked her to stand up and test it out and she did, she was amazed to find that the pain had gone. She said that she would need to walk a bit as that was when it hurt the most, so she did and she was thrilled to tell us that it didnt hurt. She was really excited as she was going on holiday in September and to have no pain would be excellent! She went for a bit of a longer walk to the end of the bench turned round with a beaming smile on her face and said 'Thanks so much, the pain has gone' and then waved goodbye! I wanted to call her back to chat some more but she was gone. We were so excited! Next time healed and saved!!!

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