Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Healing on a Bench

Shortly after my experience of praying for the old man who sat next to me on a bench and him being healed of Chest Pains, my fellow Treasure Hunter had an amazing experience.  She was walking to work and saw a man sitting on a bench holding crutches, she felt that God wanted her to pray for him.  She immediately went into the shop he was sat outside and hoped he might be gone by the time she came out, but he wasnt!  She came out and very bravely approached him and explained who she was and that she really felt that God wanted her to pray for him.  She asked why he had the crutches and he said that he had recently had a Hip Replacement operation and was in alot of pain.  So she offered to pray for that and he gladly accepted.  After praying, she asked how his hip was feeling and he said that the pain was alot better but not gone completely, so she offered to pray again.  He was a bit bemused but accepted and after praying for the second time the pain was completely gone! Wow!!  Thank you Father!

Stepping out is the hard bit but it is so fantastic that God does the rest - watch this space for me 'Bench' encounters!

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  1. This is so wonderful, God All Mighty.. I have been feeling and been called to do the same lately. And have seen people been cured from cancer. back pain, deadly illnesses and heart problems. It is very hard to just go and approach a completely stranger but the Holy Spirit is so strong and will persevere and there is no other way. The Lord wants us to be witness for him and to show the world that he is alive and his power is greater than all the atoms in this planet. I pray so my body, my life and time is used to be a light to salvation of others. Love you all