Sunday, 29 August 2010

Four healings in Church this morning!

What an exciting morning!! We heard a couple of amazing stories during church about healings that have happened recently and at the end of the meeting me and a few other people prayed for those who needed healing.  The first one was a man who had hurt his back that morning and it was quite painful, we prayed and the Holy Spirit really met with him and he was completely healed! The next one was a man who had a pain in his neck which was linked to muscle spasms in his lower back, we prayed once and it was a bit better.  We offered to pray again and he accepted and this time the pain was better again, we prayed for a third time and that time it was a lot better.  Whilst we were praying I saw the muscles moving into place, I told the man this and encouraged him that I felt that there would be complete healing as the day went on.  The third person we prayed for had hardening tendons in his left hand as a result of diabetes, we prayed for him 4 times (we were feeling determined!), and each time the pain got less and less, after the fourth time he said that it had almost gone.  He later told us that before he left church that morning the pain had gone completely! The last person we prayed for was a lady who had painful knees and  black cloud/floaters which would float across her right eye.  We prayed for her knees first, I put my hand on her knees and as we prayed I felt something in her knee move! She tested it afterwards and she said the pain had completely gone!  We then prayed for her eye and when she opened her eye she could no longer see anything floating across her eye!  WOW!  What an amazing morning!  Thank you Father!

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