Saturday, 4 September 2010

Leg Warmers and a Spotty Umbrella

It was quite a different experience Treasure Hunting this week as we were being lead to very different sorts of people and I was being pushed out of my comfort zones.  I think up until now we have been lowered in gently and only really approached older people or respectable looking men and women but yesterday wasn't like that. 

The first person we approached was a young guy who was sat on the Cathedral Green with his three mates.  He had the hugest amount of curly brown hair we had ever seen, so after much deliberation my fellow Treasure Hunter and I went to talk to him.  I have to say, they weren't too forth coming at all and not many of the other clues match up with them, but for me it was more about the going up to them than anything else and it was good to do it.  As we turned around to go to our first location I saw a man in a red top and seeing as he was on the Cathedral Green as well we thought we would approach him.  When we got closer I was really excited to see that he was a Postman which was one of my 'unusual' clues.  He was much more friendly and we chatted for a while and we found out that he suffered with back pain but didn't want prayer for it.  But we said that we really felt he was God's Treasure and he said that we had made his day. 

One of the other more prominent Treasures we found was a lady who was outside a shop which had Leg Warmers by the door and the shop next door which had a display of Spotty Umbrellas, she was also wearing a light green jacket. I was very pleased to see that she had a Fish symbol on a necklace so I felt we were on more familiar ground. She was lovely and we showed her the maps and Bob was her Husband and she had back pain due to curvature of the spine. We offered to pray and she accepted, I had a real sense that she was going to be healed.  But during the middle of us praying her phone rang and she left us quickly to speak to her daughter.  I felt quite disappointed but we don't know what happened in that short time we were praying for her or in the time afterwards.

The last person we approached was a man on a mobility scooter, this was out of my comfort zone as well but he had a red top on so we thought we would go and chat to him. He looked quite dubious about us but after a little chat he told us he had Parkinsons and accepted prayer.  We prayed, but it was only as I opened my mouth to pray that I realised that I didnt really know what Parkinsons was so it was hard to come against it.  After we had prayer we spoke to him and he explained that Parkinsons is to do with insufficient Dolpamine in the brain so I offered to pray specifically for that but he refused but he said a heart felt thank you for praying previously.

I think I learnt a lot today, I learnt that teenagers and young men aren't that scary, and can be quite open, I also learnt that you need to read the situation you are in and the person you are talking too well, and not to push to much, however well meaning it is. I also learnt the importance of finding out specifics about an illness before praying and but last but in no means least, I learnt that mobile phones really do go off at the most inopportune moments!

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