Friday, 17 September 2010

Baseball hat off to the side

Each time we Treasure Hunt, the technique is the same but the results and how God uses the clues are so different.  It keeps your mind active and also makes you realise how varied he is and how literal we are! We had some odd clues this time, one of the team had stilts, white, another had  plank of wood, and I had famous amongst others. We had no idea how we would see these but we did in various ways. I had also been asking God for more specific clues and I had the clue Baseball cap off to the side. So we started our hunt.

We went to Neros which was one of our locations but didn't see anything so headed a little way up the high street and there leaning against a wall were 2 shortish planks of wood which fulfulled both the clues of stilts and plank of wood in one go! I know they weren't strictly stilts but the lady who had the clue said that they were what she had seen, but had assumed they were stilts! Just as we saw the planks, we saw a lady with bright yellow shoes go steaming past us on the phone, so fast that we couldnt stop her.  By then we knew we were in the right place for some treasure.  As we looked across the street there were two young guys walking down the high street and one was wearing his baseball hat off to the side without hesitation we approached them.  We showed them the maps and all the names on one of the team members map meant something to one of the men, the names were Alun, Tim, Rosemary, James and Tom!  We were amazed! They looked at the ailments and the other guy saw migraines and said that he suffered with them so I offered to pray. I really didnt think he would take us up on the offer at all but he said yes and let me put my hand on his shoulder.  After I prayer he said thanks and they went on their way.  This treasure taught me a few things, firstly never assume that just because the people you approach are young and male that they won't want to be prayed for and secondly that God has as much fun as we do Treasure Hunting by whispering the most random clues in our ears and then helping us find them!

Another Treasure that stood out to me was a young girl we stopped who had blonde hair in a pony tail and was wearing a white top, we showed her the maps and the ailments back pain and fatigue applied to her.  She was pregnant so they were understandable ailments.  I offered to pray for her and also for God to bless her baby, she was really touched that we would do that and accepted.  I prayed and she said a heartfelt thank you and went on her way. As we looked back to the spot where we had seen the girl, the shop front we were outside was really  white.  It stood out from the rest of the shops on the high street.  Just a minute before stopping the young girl we had walked past the Calender shop which has just opened and all the calenders in the window were of famous people, my rather random clue!

It was only at the end of the hunt when I realised that my specific clue of the baseball hat was just that, really specific, as we had only seen one person wearing his hat like that all morning! There is no coincidence with God, he is amazing!

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