Wednesday, 15 September 2010

I am the Treasure

I had an email from our Church office on Friday saying that someone had phoned and had asked if they could join our Treasure Hunting Team! I only scan read the email but was excited and a little confused as well, I was excited as it was another potential Treasure Hunter but really confused how they had known to contact Frontiers Church as there are no links on our webpage, or any other links that I was aware off either! I didn't look at the email again till the next day when I thought I would contact the lady and see who she was and what it was she actually wanted to do.  I re-read the message and I began to realise that I knew who it was, the message said she was from Totnes and involved in Marketplace Ministries.  As soon as I read that, I knew who it was and was very excited as this lady is involved in the Prophetic Ministry which takes place in Totnes Market every Friday.  I contacted her and she was as amazed as I was that I was me and she was she (if you see what I mean!)  She had no idea how she got a link with our church with Treasure Hunting or that I was a member there or anything - she still cant remember how she came across Frontiers Church and Treasure Hunting on the internet!  All I know is, this is such a God thing and I am very excited! She had a clue of Ice Cream and she was amazed to find when she went to my Blog that my photo has me eating a rather large Ice Cream, so I was the Treasure she was looking for that day. 

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