Friday, 10 September 2010

The Fanatic in The Attic and not the Fella In The Cellar!

Kathie Walters
When we were involved in a powerful move of the Spirit years ago in London, God provided us with some "Fathers" in the faith. Thank God for the fathers and mothers in the Church!
One of them, Arthur Burt, who lives now in Wales, taught us a lot about learning to hear from God. He taught us about the "fanatic in the attic" (I have retold some of his stories on the CD, The Fanatic in the Attic). The "fanatic in the attic" represents your spirit, and the "fella in the cellar" represents your mind. The fanatic in the attic can see a long way off and he can see around corners – there's no distance or time in the spirit realm. The fella in the cellar, your mind, can only see what's right in front of him because he doesn't operate in the realm of faith.
One very rainy Sunday afternoon in England, years ago, Arthur was riding on a bus in the English countryside. He was going between two towns. If you know anything at all about those Sunday afternoon buses in the English countryside – you will know that if you are very fortunate they might run about every two hours. Arthur was glad to be on the bus, out of the rain. In case you don't know, rain in England is cold, not the same as Florida rain.
Suddenly the fanatic in the attic spoke to Arthur: "Arthur, get off the bus at the next stop." Arthur looked out of the bus. Rain, cold rain, and there was NOTHING. The fella in the cellar said, "Are you crazy? There's nothing there and it's pouring with rain." The fanatic in the attic spoke again, "Arthur, get off the bus at the next stop."
Again, the fella in the cellar spoke up, "No, you will just be stuck in the rain."
But you know, the next stop was coming up and Arthur had to make a decision about "who" to listen to...
The Choice We Have to Make
We have a choice all the time, because your spirit man (the fanatic in the attic) and your mind (the fella in the cellar) both talk to you all the time. The Holy Spirit is always telling you to step out in faith, a lot of the time giving instructions that make no sense to the mind. You and I have to choose, just like Arthur on the bus.
Arthur jumped up and rang the little bell that tells the bus to stop. Shortly after that the bus came to a halt and Arthur got off. The bus pulled away and Arthur was left standing by himself in the rain. Nothing in sight – not even a house. He stood there, alone, in the rain, getting cold. The fella in the cellar spoke up, "Well, what now? I told you, you will be stuck."
But there was nowhere to go, so he stood there – getting wetter and colder, of course. After about 10 minutes, a car drove by – and then suddenly screeched to a halt and started to reverse back toward Arthur. The windows rolled down and several heads popped out of the windows. "Arthur Burt! Oh, it's Arthur Burt! Get in, Arthur! Get in, Arthur."
You Might Be the Answer to Someone Else's Problem
Arthur was happy to get out of the rain but didn't really know what was happening. "Oh praise God, Arthur," the people in the car said excitedly. "We are having a healing meeting in our village, and the man who was coming to preach called from London and said he couldn't make it."
Arthur still wasn't sure about it all.
"Arthur, we were just praying and asking God to send someone to preach at our meeting, because everyone is coming! And, Arthur, suddenly there you were – just standing there in the middle of nowhere. Isn't God so great! He sent us a preacher – you."
So, there you are – if you listen to the fanatic in the attic you can be the answer to someone else's problem.
Kathie Walters
Kathie Walters Ministry

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