Monday, 27 September 2010

A Treasure Revisited

Whilst Treasure Hunting today we had an amazing experience! We had found a few lovely Treasures but we still had lots of clues that we hadn't found, so we kept going.  One of our clues was Golden Hair, which we didn't really know what that would look like, till we saw it.  So we were outside the back of WH Smiths, when a lady with what can only be described as Golden Hair,  walked past us.  She was moving at some pace so rather than racing after her we just followed her for a while, as sometimes people can lead you to other clues along the way.  We followed her to the front of WH Smiths and then she went off, we discussed how we were surprised we hadn't found a Silver Bag which was another clue, so we decided to go to Primark where they would sell that sort of thing, as we got close to Primark we passed a market stall which sold bags and right on the corner was a very large and prominent Silver Bag,  we stopped and looked around and realised that we were also outside a Key cutting shop!  We knew we were in the right place and as we turned back round next to the silver bag was a lady with Golden Hair!  We were so excited, so we approached the lady and her husband.  She was a little confused by what we were doing but the name Craig meant something to her and we had the name Georgina and they said they knew a Georgia so we went with that, I had obviously misheard! We went through the ailments and she said that none of them related, but her Husband pointed out she had a Bunion and I had the clue Toe.  I don't know why we didn't offer to pray,  I think I felt she was a little embarrassed, but I really should have done - thankfully with God there are a billion chances so we shall just chalk that one up to experience.  But as we started to walk away I noticed that the man sat on the bench next to them was some one who had been Treasure on a previous Treasure Hunt.  We moved away a little and I told my friend this as she hadn't been on the Treasure Hunt when we had found him the first time, and we decided we would approach him again and this time give him a leaflet.  He is an elderly man and he didn't recognise me to begin with, but when I reminded him that we had prayed for him about his wife, he remembered the encounter.  We had a bit of a chat and I asked him his name again (names are not my strong point at all!) and he said Ken and on my friends map was the name Ken!  How amazing is that! We went through the ailments with him and he said that he was fine but he kept having trouble hearing us so I knew he had some Deafness.  I asked him about it and he said that he was a little deaf in one ear and that his dog had eaten his hearing aid.  His dog, a Staffordshire Bull Terrior called Lassie, was with him and was getting increasingly fractious the more we spoke to him and sadly the dog got the better of me, as yet again we didn't offer to pray because I thought I might lose my hand in the dogs mouth! I feel a bit bad about it but we did give him a leaflet with the church details on and amazingly he even remembered where the Church met from our last conversation.  I am so amazed that he was Treasure again, maybe this isn't the last time either and next time his dog will be a little calmer and we will get to pray for him again. 

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