Thursday, 22 July 2010

Three of God's Treasures

Whilst Treasure Hunting this week we found 3 lovely Treasures.  The first one we met as soon as we started Hunting, I spotted the Blue Leather Bag from across the High Street so we went over to speak to her.  She stopped and looked at our maps and four names meant something to her, Amy was her best friend, Mary was her Aunty, Luke was her Uncle and Anthony was her Cousin, that was pretty good confirmation that she was our Treasure.  She looked at the ailments and she pointed to Tonsils, she explained to us that she gets reoccurring Tonsillitis and has it about once every two months and pretty much lives on Antibiotics.  We asked if we could pray for her and she said yes - it still amazes me when people say yes despite not being Christians and when they don't really know what is going to happen, but it is fantastic when they do! We weren't able to tell if any healing had taken place as she wasn't suffering from Tonsillitis at the time, but we did chat to her for a bit .  One of the things I need to work on is opening the conversation up and being more on the offensive (for want of a better word) for God and his supernatural power.

The next Treasure we found was a lovely old guy who was walking past the Open Air Cafe in Princesshay. He was walking his dog  (all three of us had dog on our maps so we knew he would be significant) He told us how he had lost his wife of 48 years only a few months ago in March, we had Widow as a clue.  He was so sad and said if it hadnt been for his dog he would have thrown himself under a bus!  My heart went out to him, and I knew that God wanted to show him how much he loved him.  We asked him if he had any belief and he scoffed and said he hardly believed in himself!  We offered to pray for him, and he accepted.  We spent a bit of time just ministering to him and asking God to show his love to him, he was visibly moved when we finished. He then asked us about Church  so I invited him to come along, I shall keep an eye out for him, I really hope he comes.

Our last Treasure came from determination on my fellow Treasure Hunters.  I had the clue Pink Belt and Lizzie was determined to find it, so we headed to St James area of town (I had St James as a clue but I didn't know if it was a location, or something else - we later found out!) In front of us was a lady and I just caught a glimpse of a pink belt so we got ahead of her, so as not to pounce on her from behind. When I looked again it wasn't strictly a pink belt, but a pink band on her trousers. We decided that was close enough and went and spoke to her.  She turned out to be a Christian so was really open, I asked her where she went to church and she said St James!  So the clue was actually two fold as we followed it as a location but also it was significant to this ladies life as well.  We asked if there was anything we could pray for her about and she was worried about work so we were able to pray for that and she was really grateful.

In some ways these three Treasures seem quite small and insignificant, but God spoke to me about not belittling the small things and thanking him for them and then they will increase.  I also think that we do not know what impact we have on a persons life, take the man who had been recently widowed, we were able to show him the Fathers love and spend time with him.  It didn't really cost us a lot but could have been worth everything to him.  

Monday, 19 July 2010

Chest Pain Healed!

The adventures on the Blue Hair day didn't stop there! Nick and I went our separate ways as we had officially finished Treasure Hunting for the day. I bought myself a sandwich and went and sat in Princesshay. Before long an old man came and sat next to me and the first thing he said to me was that he had to sit down as he was having chest pains! I have to say a million thoughts went through my head, but the main one was 'Uh oh I am going to have to pray for this man', I did also contemplate the fact that he could keel over and I may be having to put my 'Practicalities of Raising the Dead seminar' into practice sooner than I hoped! But I ignored that thought. He said that he had had chest pains since 2.00am but it was too sunny a day to go to hospital. There was something odd about this encounter and I was beginning to contemplate that this man was an angel as it felt very strange, but in a good way! So I thought I would chat to him for a bit, knowing that I should offer to pray for him but was too scared. I was having a two way conversation by this time, one with the man about the Budget and one with God where I was saying I can't I can't I can't! I knew I would regret it if I walked away and didn't pray for him so I asked God for courage, at that moment the man turned his head away and on the back of his baseball cap it said 'I'm loving it!' and I really felt that God was saying that to me so I thought, if God is loving it, then so am I! So I offered to pray for him and he accepted happily. I then asked him his name and he said Chris, I was blown away for the second time that morning as Chris was on my Treasure Map and I had known I was going to find a Chris and there he was! So I prayed, I came against the pain and declared health over him and then asked him how the pain was and he said that it was a lot better but not completely gone. So I offered to pray again and he agreed, after praying for the second time he announced the pain was gone! Me of great faith said 'What! Really!' but it was obvious in his face that it had gone. He then really looked at me and asked me where I went to church, so I told him and he said that he would come and bring his profoundly deaf son with him to be prayed for!

The lesson I learnt from this encounter is that Treasure Hunting is never really over and that you aren't 'off duty' so to speak, - that is the essence of living a supernatural life naturally.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Blue Hair

We were Treasure Hunting a couple of weeks ago and one of our oddest clues was blue hair. I was determined to find it but it was coming to the end of the hour we had planned to be out and we hadn't had any joy. I was beginning to think that I hadn't heard very well as I was quite tired or that my eyes weren't very alert, but we kept going and we headed to WH Smiths (it may have been a clue, but I cant remember!), there was a man with an Orange T- Shirt coming out of superdrug at some pace! So we followed him but other than running after the guy we weren't going to catch him, as he disappeared into the distance I turned and saw a girl with what looked like blue/black hair. I tried to work out if that could be classed as blue hair, but by the time I had thought it could be, she had gone. I said to Nick (my fellow Treasure Hunter) that I thought we had just missed our blue hair, he immediately said we should follow her, so we did, but she had also disappeared! But as we came out onto the High Street and looked across the road there, standing on the opposite side of the road was a lady with the bluest hair ever!! I couldn't believe it! We crossed the road and approached her, she was willing to stop and talk and we showed her the clues we had. Up until then, none of the people we had talked to that morning had any of the ailments on our maps. She looked at the names and none of them meant anything to her but when she looked at the ailments she said that all of them related to her, the clues were Pregnancy, Digestive problems and weight loss/gain, she said she had Poly-cystic Ovaries and Endometriosis, and had been told she wouldn't be able to get pregnant, but she informed me that if she isn't able to get pregnant she will adopt babies from China, the Poly-cystic Ovaries gave her IBS and this subsequently caused weight gain. We were all amazed!!!! She then asked me if I had anything on our maps about dogs, so I looked and was astounded to see that I had dog as a clue under unusual on my map and China which she had previously mentioned when talking about adopting babies! I was blown away and so was she! She told us that she did Angel Reading and that she had been talking to the angels about this yesterday so we talked a bit about our beliefs of angels and she was really open to talk. I offered to pray for the ailments she had and she accepted. I was so excited and overwhelmed by the Treasure we had found that I forgot to ask her if she felt anything, but I will remember for next time. We told her about our church and gave her the website address to find out more about it, she was genuinely amazed by the experience as were Nick and I!

The lesson I learnt from this is that you have to keep going and God will lead you to the right places to meet his Treasure.

Friday, 16 July 2010


I went out Treasure Hunting today with two others and we had a great time! My favourite Treasure of the morning was a lady who was in Ghandi Street and she had red hair. She was happy to stop and talk and she looked at our Treasure Maps and lots of the names meant things to her, there was Sam who was her Fiances son, Anne was her Mother in Law and Frances was a friend of hers from her course. So we knew she was the treasure we were looking for. She looked through the Ailments and said she had hayfever but the one which stood out to her the most was the word Separated. She told us about how her Husband had died 5 years ago when her youngest daughter was 4 and her Daughter lived with a constant feeling of loss of being separated from her Dad, as did she. We offered to pray for her and her Daughter and she happily accepted, so we prayed for her and her family to be filled with joy and God's love. We then spoke to her about how much God loved her and we spoke about Father God filling the hole that she felt was in her life. She soon went on her way but it was a really special encounter, and a privilege to be able to pray into somebody's life and share with them about God's love.