Thursday, 22 July 2010

Three of God's Treasures

Whilst Treasure Hunting this week we found 3 lovely Treasures.  The first one we met as soon as we started Hunting, I spotted the Blue Leather Bag from across the High Street so we went over to speak to her.  She stopped and looked at our maps and four names meant something to her, Amy was her best friend, Mary was her Aunty, Luke was her Uncle and Anthony was her Cousin, that was pretty good confirmation that she was our Treasure.  She looked at the ailments and she pointed to Tonsils, she explained to us that she gets reoccurring Tonsillitis and has it about once every two months and pretty much lives on Antibiotics.  We asked if we could pray for her and she said yes - it still amazes me when people say yes despite not being Christians and when they don't really know what is going to happen, but it is fantastic when they do! We weren't able to tell if any healing had taken place as she wasn't suffering from Tonsillitis at the time, but we did chat to her for a bit .  One of the things I need to work on is opening the conversation up and being more on the offensive (for want of a better word) for God and his supernatural power.

The next Treasure we found was a lovely old guy who was walking past the Open Air Cafe in Princesshay. He was walking his dog  (all three of us had dog on our maps so we knew he would be significant) He told us how he had lost his wife of 48 years only a few months ago in March, we had Widow as a clue.  He was so sad and said if it hadnt been for his dog he would have thrown himself under a bus!  My heart went out to him, and I knew that God wanted to show him how much he loved him.  We asked him if he had any belief and he scoffed and said he hardly believed in himself!  We offered to pray for him, and he accepted.  We spent a bit of time just ministering to him and asking God to show his love to him, he was visibly moved when we finished. He then asked us about Church  so I invited him to come along, I shall keep an eye out for him, I really hope he comes.

Our last Treasure came from determination on my fellow Treasure Hunters.  I had the clue Pink Belt and Lizzie was determined to find it, so we headed to St James area of town (I had St James as a clue but I didn't know if it was a location, or something else - we later found out!) In front of us was a lady and I just caught a glimpse of a pink belt so we got ahead of her, so as not to pounce on her from behind. When I looked again it wasn't strictly a pink belt, but a pink band on her trousers. We decided that was close enough and went and spoke to her.  She turned out to be a Christian so was really open, I asked her where she went to church and she said St James!  So the clue was actually two fold as we followed it as a location but also it was significant to this ladies life as well.  We asked if there was anything we could pray for her about and she was worried about work so we were able to pray for that and she was really grateful.

In some ways these three Treasures seem quite small and insignificant, but God spoke to me about not belittling the small things and thanking him for them and then they will increase.  I also think that we do not know what impact we have on a persons life, take the man who had been recently widowed, we were able to show him the Fathers love and spend time with him.  It didn't really cost us a lot but could have been worth everything to him.  

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