Friday, 16 July 2010


I went out Treasure Hunting today with two others and we had a great time! My favourite Treasure of the morning was a lady who was in Ghandi Street and she had red hair. She was happy to stop and talk and she looked at our Treasure Maps and lots of the names meant things to her, there was Sam who was her Fiances son, Anne was her Mother in Law and Frances was a friend of hers from her course. So we knew she was the treasure we were looking for. She looked through the Ailments and said she had hayfever but the one which stood out to her the most was the word Separated. She told us about how her Husband had died 5 years ago when her youngest daughter was 4 and her Daughter lived with a constant feeling of loss of being separated from her Dad, as did she. We offered to pray for her and her Daughter and she happily accepted, so we prayed for her and her family to be filled with joy and God's love. We then spoke to her about how much God loved her and we spoke about Father God filling the hole that she felt was in her life. She soon went on her way but it was a really special encounter, and a privilege to be able to pray into somebody's life and share with them about God's love.

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