Monday, 19 July 2010

Chest Pain Healed!

The adventures on the Blue Hair day didn't stop there! Nick and I went our separate ways as we had officially finished Treasure Hunting for the day. I bought myself a sandwich and went and sat in Princesshay. Before long an old man came and sat next to me and the first thing he said to me was that he had to sit down as he was having chest pains! I have to say a million thoughts went through my head, but the main one was 'Uh oh I am going to have to pray for this man', I did also contemplate the fact that he could keel over and I may be having to put my 'Practicalities of Raising the Dead seminar' into practice sooner than I hoped! But I ignored that thought. He said that he had had chest pains since 2.00am but it was too sunny a day to go to hospital. There was something odd about this encounter and I was beginning to contemplate that this man was an angel as it felt very strange, but in a good way! So I thought I would chat to him for a bit, knowing that I should offer to pray for him but was too scared. I was having a two way conversation by this time, one with the man about the Budget and one with God where I was saying I can't I can't I can't! I knew I would regret it if I walked away and didn't pray for him so I asked God for courage, at that moment the man turned his head away and on the back of his baseball cap it said 'I'm loving it!' and I really felt that God was saying that to me so I thought, if God is loving it, then so am I! So I offered to pray for him and he accepted happily. I then asked him his name and he said Chris, I was blown away for the second time that morning as Chris was on my Treasure Map and I had known I was going to find a Chris and there he was! So I prayed, I came against the pain and declared health over him and then asked him how the pain was and he said that it was a lot better but not completely gone. So I offered to pray again and he agreed, after praying for the second time he announced the pain was gone! Me of great faith said 'What! Really!' but it was obvious in his face that it had gone. He then really looked at me and asked me where I went to church, so I told him and he said that he would come and bring his profoundly deaf son with him to be prayed for!

The lesson I learnt from this encounter is that Treasure Hunting is never really over and that you aren't 'off duty' so to speak, - that is the essence of living a supernatural life naturally.

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