Sunday, 18 July 2010

Blue Hair

We were Treasure Hunting a couple of weeks ago and one of our oddest clues was blue hair. I was determined to find it but it was coming to the end of the hour we had planned to be out and we hadn't had any joy. I was beginning to think that I hadn't heard very well as I was quite tired or that my eyes weren't very alert, but we kept going and we headed to WH Smiths (it may have been a clue, but I cant remember!), there was a man with an Orange T- Shirt coming out of superdrug at some pace! So we followed him but other than running after the guy we weren't going to catch him, as he disappeared into the distance I turned and saw a girl with what looked like blue/black hair. I tried to work out if that could be classed as blue hair, but by the time I had thought it could be, she had gone. I said to Nick (my fellow Treasure Hunter) that I thought we had just missed our blue hair, he immediately said we should follow her, so we did, but she had also disappeared! But as we came out onto the High Street and looked across the road there, standing on the opposite side of the road was a lady with the bluest hair ever!! I couldn't believe it! We crossed the road and approached her, she was willing to stop and talk and we showed her the clues we had. Up until then, none of the people we had talked to that morning had any of the ailments on our maps. She looked at the names and none of them meant anything to her but when she looked at the ailments she said that all of them related to her, the clues were Pregnancy, Digestive problems and weight loss/gain, she said she had Poly-cystic Ovaries and Endometriosis, and had been told she wouldn't be able to get pregnant, but she informed me that if she isn't able to get pregnant she will adopt babies from China, the Poly-cystic Ovaries gave her IBS and this subsequently caused weight gain. We were all amazed!!!! She then asked me if I had anything on our maps about dogs, so I looked and was astounded to see that I had dog as a clue under unusual on my map and China which she had previously mentioned when talking about adopting babies! I was blown away and so was she! She told us that she did Angel Reading and that she had been talking to the angels about this yesterday so we talked a bit about our beliefs of angels and she was really open to talk. I offered to pray for the ailments she had and she accepted. I was so excited and overwhelmed by the Treasure we had found that I forgot to ask her if she felt anything, but I will remember for next time. We told her about our church and gave her the website address to find out more about it, she was genuinely amazed by the experience as were Nick and I!

The lesson I learnt from this is that you have to keep going and God will lead you to the right places to meet his Treasure.

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  1. Come on...this is amazing. Keep going for it Julia! x x