Monday, 20 December 2010

Healing via Facebook Chat!

On Saturday evening my friend contacted me on Facebook chat.  We were meant to be seeing each other that day but due to the snow she wasn't able to make it.  She said she was disappointed as she wanted me to pray for her knee, she had fallen over on some ice a few days before and her knee had frozen up and was really painful.  I remembered stories of people being healed by text so I thought I would offer to pray for her over Facebook!  It seemed a bit mad but I felt it was the right thing to do.  I typed a prayer and there didnt seem to be any improvement,  I then told her to put her hand on her poorly knee and say what I had written.  I didn't hear any more from her that evening (I don't know where she went - I will have to ask her!).  But I just spoke to her (again on Facebook chat) and she told me that on the Saturday evening there hadn't seemed to have been any improvement, but when she got up on the Sunday morning, her knee was a lot freer and it was at lunch time that she realised that she hadn't needed to take any pain killers all day and up until that point she had been taking lots of them.  She went out for a long walk in the snow today and had a little residual pain but hardly anything at all!  She is thrilled and I am so excited!  Who would have thought that God likes Facebook too!! He really can use anything! Thank you Father!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Partially Sighted in one eye - healed!!!!!

I went Treasure Hunting this week with a friend of mine and we found lots of Treasure, we were amazed at how many of the people we stopped to talk to were Christians! It is lovely to speak to people who already know God, as you feel like you are talking the same language as them and it is lovely to get to pray for them. The person who stands out the most from the morning was a lady we met at the back of M&S who was wearing a blue coat with a white stripe, on the coat was also a sewn red motif of trees! She had a friend called Gareth, and Simon and her best friend was Diane. She was definitely treasure! She looked at the list of ailments and nothing related to her but she said that she was partially sighted in one eye! We asked her what was actually wrong with her eye so that we could pray specifically and her Husband said 'Its called blindness', so that made it pretty clear for us. I asked if I could put my hand on her eye and apologised as my hands were freezing. I began to pray and spoke healing over her eye, I took my hand away and she was rubbing the side of her eye and said that is was really warm and she had tears in that eye! I had felt warmth as well which was amazing as it was sooooooo seriously cold, and my hands were like blocks of ice. I told her that it was God's healing power causing the warmth and asked if we could pray again and she accepted. After praying I took my hand away and asked her if there was any difference and she said that she could see my face, she said it wasn't fully clear yet - so we prayed again! Again, when I took my hand away I asked how it was and she said it was amazing, and she could see the sky clearly. She was so happy and declared that she was very pleased that she wore her blue coat that day! We chatted for a while and I asked her how her eye was and she said it was getting more clear as the time was going on. She gave us a big hug and her Husband shook our hands and they went on their way. It was so exciting and such a thrill to see God use us like that.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Shoulder Healed!!

Lizzie and I decided to Treasure Hunt in the Cowick Street area.  It was a very different feel to Treasure Hunting in town - there weren't so many people and those who were there, were definately about their business and didn't want to stop to talk (probably because you only get 2 hours in the carpark and also people are there just before School pick up time, so time is limited.)  But saying that we still found Treasure and had an amazing experience.

We had a clue of the Park near the river so we headed over to it, as we were nearing the park we saw someone walking towards us with Sunglasses on!  We stopped her and explained what we were doing, but none of the clues seemed to fit with her until she looked at the Ailment clues and one of the clues was Muscle Weakness and she immediately said that was her and that she had just been to the Osteopath (could have been Physio, I cant remember) as she had got a problem in her shoulder which was causing her pain and poor movement.  She said that the muscles and tendons were weak, so we offered to pray and she accepted.  We prayed and afterwards we encouraged her to test out her shoulder.  So she lifted her arm out to the side and looked amazed and said that she was able to lift it alot higher than before.  She could still only lift her arm to shoulder height so I offered to pray again and she readily accepted.  We prayed and again asked her to test her shoulder out and this time much to her amazement she could lift her arm right up! We thanked God for what he had done and told the lady how much she was loved by God.  She went on her way a much happier and more mobile person! What an awesome God he is!

One of the things which is amazing us at the moment as well, is how many Christians we are stopping and talking to! We are lead to believe by the Media that Christians are few and far between and that we live in a country where nobody goes to Church any more, or believes in God.  I think this is far from the truth.  We stopped 6 people on this Treasure Hunt and 2 of them were 'Born Again' Christians - that's a third of the people we stopped!  God's people are alive and well in Exeter!  It is still great to find Treasure who already know God - I would love to be on somebodies Treasure Map one day :-).

Monday, 15 November 2010

Its a Small World!

This was the second training and practical session for Treasure Hunting which I have run, and this time I was in a team with two lovely ladies, one who had been out once and it was the first time for the other one.  They were great and their clues were brilliant! There were three prominent Treasures in the morning, the first one was a lady called Phylis who had a Purple Coat and a black fur lined hat, Joyce and Vanessa were friends of hers and she suffered with Insomnia.  She was the most lovely lady and we were able to chat to her for a bit and then we offered to pray for her, she accepted but then her family turned up and she had to go, so it ended up being just a quick prayer for peace for her to be able to sleep.  But it was a real encouragement to the two with me who hadn't done a lot of Treasure Hunting. 

The second person who stood out from the morning was a lady called Barbara who was wearing a Purple Coat and was outside Boots.  We started a conversation with her only to find that her Husband was an Evangelist and that she was a Christian.  So we asked if there was anything we could pray for her about and to begin with she said no, but after a little while she told us about a situation with her Son which we were able to pray into and ask for wisdom for her.  We chatted for a little while longer and she said something about living in Lapford and the lady in my team who was taking the lead in talking to the lady said that she lived in Lapford as well!  As the conversation went on they found that they knew loads of the same people and that Barbara also knew the church leaders of the church which my team member went to!  Its a small world when you are Treasure Hunting.  

The third person was a real character of a man.  I had spotted him coming up the High Street and thought, before we had even seen if he matched our appearance clues, that he looked like Treasure and sure enough he was!  One of my team members smiled at the man and he stopped immediately which slightly took us aback and then we noticed that he had a thick gold chain around his neck.  He was so smiley and kind, with the most amazing teeth - it is strange the things you notice when you are talking to someone! We chatted to him for a while and found that he was Polish and that he hadn't been in Exeter long, but was there because his Wife had died and his Daughter and Grand Daughter lived here.  We went through the clues with him and he said that he suffered with depression at times, and that's when the misunderstanding began.  We asked him if we could pray for that and he said 'Why would you want to?'  which we thought was a bit of a strange response, especially as he had told us that he loved God and knew that Jesus had died on the cross for his sins.  He went on to say that he was OK really and then I noticed that he had hearing aids in both ears and I mentioned them and again offered to pray for them.  He gave us the same response again and said 'Why would you want to, I use the NHS?', it was then that I realise that he thought we had said PAY and not PRAY! Whoops - our accents let us down!  When he realised we meant pray and not pay he accepted, even though he wasn't sure it would do any good.  We prayed, but he wasn't keen to take out his hearing aids to test his ears but I hope he was surprised when he took them out when he went to bed. 

Well done you new Treasure Hunters - we had great fun with our Daddy God today and spoke his love to people.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

3 People healed!!

I have been Treasure Hunting twice in the last 5 days and have seen 3 people receive healing! They have been such exciting experiences and so encouraging. I went out on Friday with a fellow Treasure Hunter and we found lots of treasure. I had a clue of Red Coat, well I think God was having a bit of a laugh as I have never seen so many red coats! So we tried to be selective in who we approached, else we could have been there all day! We also had Red Scarf which proved to about as popular as the red coat! We stopped one lady who had on a Red Coat outside of Burtons. We explained what we were doing and asked if she would look at our maps, there weren't many clues which matched up with her, but I had a clue of arm pain. I thought it was lower arm but it turned out to be upper arm! She said that she was just on her way to the Doctors as she had a lot of pain in her upper arms and restricted movement but she had no idea what it was, hence going to the Docs! So we offered to pray and she said yes. We prayed and when we had finished she went to go and thanked us, but I encouraged her to test out her arms and to see what God had done. The expectation in people for God to heal is so low, a lot of the time they just think you are praying to be kind but God loves to heal and my expectation is very high so we didn't let her leave to quickly. She was a little surprised but put her shopping down and began to move her arm. The look on her face was one of complete surprise, as she was able to move her arm right back which she hadn't been able to do before we had prayed! She was so thrilled, we chatted to her for a while but then she had to go.

Another Treasure on this day that really encouraged me was a lady we stopped in a bright red coat and who's friend had a red scarf on. As soon as I began speaking I knew that they didn't speak English, or at least the friend didn't - the blank look somewhat gave it away. One of the things I had always wondered about was how can you get foreign names as clues if you aren't even aware of what the names could be. I know God could definitely tell you them, but it is hard to hear a word that you don't even know exists! On my map was the name Simone, so we had explained to these two ladies what we were doing and the lady in the red coat was translating for her friend. They then looked at our maps and began looking at the names and none of them meant anything until I said Simone and the lady said that she was called Simoy! I know they aren't the same name but they sound pretty close to me, especially considering the name was Turkish. We then found that Simoy had a problem with her Knee, so we offered to pray. It was only afterwards we found out that they were Muslim, and the lady who didn't speak English was asking questions through her friend about what we were doing. It was a great experience.

I went out today with another fellow Hunter and we had an amazing time as well. I felt really excited about going out and what God was going to do. The first person we spoke to was a lady in a Pink coat, in the Cathedral Area. We began going through the maps and nothing seemed to match up with the lady in the coat but when we went through the ailments the lady who was with her said that ankle pain was her. Well it really turned out to be her Knee/Hamstring, but she has said it was her ankle to begin with. She had fallen over a while ago but was still undergoing treatment for the injured Hamstring. So we offered to pray and she was very enthusiastic about us doing so. Once we had prayed we asked her to check it out and she did and the look on her face was one of amazement! She told us that the aching had gone and she was thrilled! She had a bit of a walk around and she confirmed that the pain and aching had gone! She had to go off and do something so we didn't get much chance to speak to her, she was definitely touched by God though and who knows what will come off that.

The other Treasure which stands out from the morning was a lady who was wearing a Pink Coat, outside the Apple Store with a walking stick. She was a lovely lady and was very willing to stand and chat, we showed her the maps and Louise was her Grand Daughter, but nothing else matched up. So I asked her why she had the walking stick and she told us that she had a new knee and the operation had been three weeks ago - today was her first trip out since the Op! So I offered to pray for a speedy recovery from the operation and she jumped at the chance. She then told us that on Sunday she had begun to experience a new pain in that knee which she was a bit worried about. So we prayed and as I took my hand away I asked her how it felt she said that something was happening. She grabbed my hand and put it back on her knee and told me to do it again! So I did and after the second time of praying she tested her knee and she had much more freedom in her knee joint and a lot more movement which she hadn't had before! It was amazing! She was so excited and gave us big kisses and went on her way! It was only as I was walking home I felt a bit bad that she had kissed us, as the praise and glory was God's, so I apologised to God and felt very relieved that with our Father we have a billion chances - and he knows my heart as well.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Out of My Comfort Zone

I don't know about you, but I have a very strong 'Flight Instinct'.  At the merest sign of danger, I will be out of the situation as fast as my little legs will carry me.  Sadly this will also take place if I see an accident, I will normally feel so scared that I will be unable to stop and help.  This has bothered me a lot in the past and I remember many years ago praying about it.  I think the reason I would have such a great urge to get out of the situation was from a lack of knowledge of what to do, so feeling helpless.  I had an experience the other day that amazed me and scared me but I didn't run away.

I was meant to be meeting someone to do some Treasure Hunting, they were a bit late but I was amusing myself with reading signs outside the cathedral and watching this huge gaggle of French School children with clipboards trying to find random things around Exeter.  Some of them were beginning to disperse when I saw one of them running down towards the main entrance of the Cathedral, jump down the steps and pretty much right in front of me, fall over!  As soon as he went down he grabbed his leg and was rolling on the floor crying out in pain!  Now it is amazing what thoughts can cross your mind in a split second,  I thought that maybe he was messing around, I thought that his friends would run to his aid, I thought that I had no idea what to do, I thought Yikes this boy doesn't speak English and I thought I need to pray for him! As I looked at him, he was sitting up and holding his ankle and I could see that it was swelling really badly, I thought it was broken really as the ankle bone was looking very odd!  He shouted to his friends and they just laughed, like typical teenagers.  So I went over to them first and said that he really needed help, as he was hurt.  We went over, and the only thing I could really think was 'I need to pray for this boy - but how do I bring this up with teenagers who don't speak English and with someone who is in obvious pain.'  I think I should mention now that my other nightmare is trying to get people to understand me when they don't speak English, or maybe it is me not understanding them - either way, it is way out of my comfort zone.  I asked them if they had an adult with them and they didn't, but then their Coach Driver turned up, he really didn't speak any English, at least with the school children they had some understanding.  Then some other children from the party turned up and one of the girls spoke really good English, so she was translating for me when I was asking questions.  But really the only thought that kept going through my head was 'how am I meant to turn this situation around to offer to pray for him'  By this time I was pretty sure his ankle wasn't broken as he was flexing it but it was swelling good and proper! So after standing there for what felt like an age I said to the girl 'Could you tell him that I am a Christian and I would like to pray for his ankle',  the girl queried the word 'Christian' to me and as she did, the French girl stood on  my other side said that she was a Christian as well!  Well there is power in numbers, so at that I felt a bit more confident.  The boy was asked if I could pray and in good French style he shrugged and said 'If you like'.  So I asked the Christian girl if she would pray as well and she said she would.  So we both bent down, laid hands on his ankle and prayed.  It was quite a surreal experience because as soon as I began to pray some more of his group turned up and the boy we were praying for was regaling his story to all who would listen, so taking no notice of what I was doing.  I asked him if it felt any better and he said no, and there wasn't really an option for me to offer to pray again as some Adults looking after the group turned up and they began sorting out what they were going to do to help him.  I chatted to them for a bit and told them where the NHS Walk In Centre was and helped them where I could, but then there was nothing more I could do, so I left.

I walked away with a lot going around my mind, my fellow Treasure Hunter never turned up as I had got the wrong day,  but it looks like God had another reason for me to be there. I was at the right place at the right time to help in a situation.  It was the first time I hadn't felt helpless in such a situation, and so hadn't wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible.  I actually knew that I had something that I could do, my only concern was how to introduce it to the situation. 

Monday, 18 October 2010

More healings in Church

We had an exciting time at Frontiers Church this Sunday - I was given a bit of time to share testimonies of what God is doing in healing and signs and wonders from around the world at the beginning of the meeting. Testimonies stir faith and they also prophecy to what God is doing, can do and is going to do!  I loved being able to tell people some amazing stories that I had heard, like the man who had his leg amputated above his knee and since he has been prayed for, his leg has been gradually growing out - he now has a knee joint and it is continuing to grow!  Also the girl who had lost a finger nail and whilst she was being prayed for they watched the fingernail grow back and amazingly it grew back with the exact same colour of nail varnish as she had on her other fingernails! During the Worship time, people were invited to come forward for healing - there were loads of people who wanted prayer!  It was fantastic to see people in faith, get out of their chairs and come to the front for healing! A lot of the things we prayed for in the morning are going to take a while to be able to find out what God has done, but I know that God is doing great things so we will wait to hear the stories.

We have been praying regularly for healings on a Sunday morning for about a month or so now, and I am beginning to hear stories of what God has done - here are some of them.

We prayed for a lady with painful knees and the pain has gone, I have since seen the lady about 4 weeks after we prayed for her and her knees are still pain free! Thank you Father!

We prayed for a lady who had a cyst on her ovary, she had a scan the day after we prayed, and the cyst had shrunk to half its size and at the second scan, the cyst had disappeared!  The Doctors cant explain it - but we can! Amazing!

We prayed with a lady who was experiencing pain and bleeding in her pregnancy, she was quite worried, So we prayed and the baby had a fantastic time, spinning and kicking, and the Mum didnt experience any more pain after we had prayed! 

I prayed with someone who was in the early stages of pregnancy and was experiencing horrible Morning Sickness (well all day sickness really!) and she was finding it difficult to work.  She hadnt had one day without being sick since she had fallen pregnant - after praying for her she wasnt sick all week and was able to work with no problem!  Fantastic!

We had a girl come forward for prayer as she had lost her fingernail in an accident, the Doctor had said that the nail bed was dead and that she would never have a thumb nail again! Well we know that God is the God of life so a dead nail bed has no place in a child of Gods body - so we prayed and commanded life into the nail bed.  I completely expected that when I took my hand away that she would have a new nail but she didnt, but our faith was strong (the force was strong with this one :-)).  I didnt see her for a couple of weeks, but after hearing the testimony about the nail regrowing with the nail varnish on it, I really wanted to pray for her again.  She found me on Sunday morning and showed me her thumb, with its new nail on it! It has grown back, but not from the nail bed, it just has sort of formed (!).  She is thrilled and so am I! God is so exciting!

I am so expectant of creative miracles and God doing incredible things through his people, I want to see people have new limbs just growing out and where better to start than with a fingernail!  There is no small miracle - all healings are incredible and miraculous and we need to give honour and thanks for all things that God does.  Honour the little and God will give you more! So I am over the moon about this fingernail and all the healings we have seen so far, and my expectation is increasing each day! We can do all things through Jesus who strengthens us - all things!!! Cant wait!

Green shoes and loads of other clues!

On my most recent Treasure Hunting adventure we really only found one treasure - we let some slip away as we discussed the actual colour of their shoes, but I am sure they will be treasure another day, note to self, just go for it!

We headed to Burtons and just as we got there we saw a man with green shoes on walk past, he was a very tall man with very long legs so we had to really move to catch up with him!  When we finally stopped him, we explained what we were doing and asked him to look at our clues and so many of them matched with him.  His middle name was Anthony, his wife's name was Lousie, she had  fertility problems in the past and had been on IVF, he sometimes suffered with Asthma and had lower back pain and had just come from the Osteopath! We asked him if we could pray for his back and he accepted, but he said it wasn't hurting at the time so difficult to tell what healing had taken place.  But then we chatted with him for a bit and asked him about his beliefs and he was a really interesting guy, very open.  The interesting thing for us was that he had a Christian friend who he had quite a lot of conversations with, so it seems like we were just another step along the way for this man and his journey to find God. We have been praying that his eyes would be opened to see God, we may never know what happens but it is great to be a part of the bigger picture.

I am also trying to venture off the map when we are out, so if someone catches my attention, to go and talk to them and offer to pray for them.  It is a little more scary as you don't have the clues to fall back on, but it is exciting all the same! So we approached a Big Issue seller, she was lovely!  She told us that her boyfriend was getting out of prison on Friday and asked if we could pray that he gets a job, I said we would and then I asked her if there was there anything she would like prayer for and she began to tell us that he Son had been taken away from her 5 years ago and that she wanted to have him back.  So we began to pray for those two things.  She was really thankful that we prayed and seeing as I see her most shopping trips, I will be able to speak to her again.  It always amazes me what people will tell you about and how open people are and also how genuinely touched they are that someone has prayed for them.  Prayer to us, seems like such a simple thing because we are approaching our Father but to those who don't know God it is a wonder! It is like giving someone a gift.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Seven new Treasure Hunters and lots of treasure!

On Saturday I ran my first training session on Treasure Hunting along with some time out on the street putting what had been learnt into practice. I had seven people come who had never done any Treasure Hunting before but were very excited, and nervous, to give it a go and see what God would do through them! I spoke for a while and then we separated into smaller groups and began to get our clues. It was so amazing to see God speaking to everybody really clearly, one group of three all got the clue Rainbow which I thought was fantastic and real confirmation to them that they were hearing from God, and the other group of three all got clues about Army/Soldiers, so they knew what they were looking out for and my fellow Hunter for the morning and I both had the clue John so we set out!

We came back after an hour and the stories of treasure they had found were amazing and really thrilled my heart to listen to. Here are a selection of them :-

One group had the clues Army/Soldiers so they headed to the Army Surplus Store which was nearby and as they came to the shop they saw a man walking towards them with an Australian Hat on (not the one with corks, but a leather bush style hat - if you know what I mean!), they stopped them to have a chat and they offered to pray for the man but he asked if they could pray for his wife instead, who was with him. They didnt want to say what was wrong but just that she was ill, so they prayed and the lady began to cry. The man said that they used to go to church in South Africa (they were here on holiday) and after this encounter they were going to go back to church as soon as they returned home. It is so amazing that they have travelled half way across the world and they had a God encounter on the street of Exeter, when they were least expecting it.

Another Treasure which was found was a lady who was wearing black boots, a beige bag with brown trim, and had a blue back pack on, she was walking past the Army Surplus Store as the team were returning to the office after thinking they had finished their Treasure Hunt. She was really steaming up the hill, so they had to run to catch her up, when they finally caught up with her and they began to show her the clues and how they applied to her, she was completely blown away! She was so excited because she is attending an Alpha Course at a local church and she just knew that the whole thing was God. The team had words from God for her and she couldn't believe it and couldn't wait to go to Alpha to tell her group about what had happened. What a confirmation for her - I would love to know what happens to this Treasure, maybe we will.

We had the clue head to toe in cream, we really didn't know how this was going to look, until we saw it! Coming towards us as we walked towards the High Street was a little old lady in a cream rain coat that came down to her toes! She was definately head to toe in cream, so we stopped her and another clue was crooked and this lady was bent over. We chatted to her for a while and she told us she was a Christian and that she went to a local church, and we offered to pray for her neck, she said yes. I would love to say that she straightened right up, but she didn't at that instance, but she said that it had been a privilege to have met us and who knows what happened as she walked away. We thought we were done with the head to toe in cream, but God hadn't finished with that clue. We headed to the back of M&S, and there was another little old lady walking towards us all dressed in cream to some description. She was also carrying a black leather bag, so we approached her and she was lovely! We chatted for a while and we asked her if any of the clues meant anything to her and she said she had a problem with her eyes. She told us that the Doctors didn't know what it was, but the retina in one of her eyes had dropped so they had filled her eye with oil and now everything was blurry. So we offered to pray and she happily accepted. We sat on the wall and we prayed for her and as I watched her, eyes began to water for no reason. We asked her if there was any change and she said she didn't think that there was, but she didn't know why her eyes were watering, I offered to pray again but she said no. She was another Christian lady and we were able to share some words from God for her.

The team with Rainbow found their treasure, but she didn't want to talk, she was outside McDonalds and had a Rainbow jumper on. She was definitely Treasure and it is disappointing when you know you have found the person God wants you to talk to, and they don't want to talk to you. But we have no idea what she may have got from the encounter or if she may be treasure again. All we can do is get clues and go and find the people and see what happens from there. I still think it was great that all three of them had Rainbow as their clue.

There were lots of other stories but maybe that is enough for now :-)

I am going to be running another training/practical Treasure Hunt on the 13th November and then regularly each month from then onwards, on the second Saturday of the month. Come and join us - never before has street evangelism been so much fun and so rewarding!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Jesus Culture

Wow what an evening! Steve and I travelled up to Bath to see Jesus Culture at Bath City Church. I wasn't too sure how Jesus Culture were going to ensure it wasn't a gig that they were doing, but an actual worship event. But they did - they are amazing musicians and it was so loud that we could actually feel the sound of the bass move our clothes! The light show was so bright that I was pretty convinced that Jesus had come back at one point! But the presence of God was amazing and being with all those hungry people just crying out to God and worshipping him was wonderful.

After the worship Banning Liebscher began to tell stories of amazing healings that have been happening in their meetings, stories of mass healings of Asthma, lots of knees healed, an allergy to nuts completely gone and tested, one lady with serious knee problems and had had loads of operations on her knee, which resulted in many metal pins holding her knee together. She was prayed for and the pain went and she felt her knee and was unable to feel the metal pins any more. She went to the hospital and they x-rayed her knee and the Doctor couldn't believe it as all the metal pins had disappeared and there was brand new bone where the pins had been! That's just incredible, God is soooooo great!

After lots of stories he asked for people with asthma to put their hands up and he then asked them to go outside for a run because he believed that they were already healed without someone praying for them, so loads people went outside - I didn't really realise so many people were effected by Asthma! After 5 mins they started to come back into the building and they began heading for the stage as they had been completely healed!!! People with Asthma for 30 years, healed in an instant and without actual prayer - just being in the presence of God. One girl was healed and she had Asthma since she had come to this country about 10 years ago and it was so bad that she wasn't able to walk 5 steps without getting out of breath and wheezing, she was on a Nebuliser every night and she had just ran around the building and other than being out of breath she was fine - not one wheeze! Completely amazing! There were so many testimonies of healings it was incredible. We were praying with a lady who had Genetic Arthritis and she said she could definitely feel God doing something in her body and her joints were much easier to move and the swelling in the knuckle which we were focusing our prayer on was markedly less swollen and I could feel it moving whilst we were praying. Oh yes another story I heard out of the corner of my ear as we were praying, was a girl who two days before had been hit in the face with a hockey stick and it had broken her cheek bone and she was all swollen and bruised. After prayer the swelling went away and she was able to poke her cheek and there was absolutely no pain where as before she could hardly even touch it! So good.

God is moving in signs and wonders in such a new way, it is gathering speed and we need to jump on board and be praying for everybody with anything wrong with them as this is the season of healing - if this is what God is doing, then I want to be doing it to! More Father!!

Monday, 27 September 2010

A Treasure Revisited

Whilst Treasure Hunting today we had an amazing experience! We had found a few lovely Treasures but we still had lots of clues that we hadn't found, so we kept going.  One of our clues was Golden Hair, which we didn't really know what that would look like, till we saw it.  So we were outside the back of WH Smiths, when a lady with what can only be described as Golden Hair,  walked past us.  She was moving at some pace so rather than racing after her we just followed her for a while, as sometimes people can lead you to other clues along the way.  We followed her to the front of WH Smiths and then she went off, we discussed how we were surprised we hadn't found a Silver Bag which was another clue, so we decided to go to Primark where they would sell that sort of thing, as we got close to Primark we passed a market stall which sold bags and right on the corner was a very large and prominent Silver Bag,  we stopped and looked around and realised that we were also outside a Key cutting shop!  We knew we were in the right place and as we turned back round next to the silver bag was a lady with Golden Hair!  We were so excited, so we approached the lady and her husband.  She was a little confused by what we were doing but the name Craig meant something to her and we had the name Georgina and they said they knew a Georgia so we went with that, I had obviously misheard! We went through the ailments and she said that none of them related, but her Husband pointed out she had a Bunion and I had the clue Toe.  I don't know why we didn't offer to pray,  I think I felt she was a little embarrassed, but I really should have done - thankfully with God there are a billion chances so we shall just chalk that one up to experience.  But as we started to walk away I noticed that the man sat on the bench next to them was some one who had been Treasure on a previous Treasure Hunt.  We moved away a little and I told my friend this as she hadn't been on the Treasure Hunt when we had found him the first time, and we decided we would approach him again and this time give him a leaflet.  He is an elderly man and he didn't recognise me to begin with, but when I reminded him that we had prayed for him about his wife, he remembered the encounter.  We had a bit of a chat and I asked him his name again (names are not my strong point at all!) and he said Ken and on my friends map was the name Ken!  How amazing is that! We went through the ailments with him and he said that he was fine but he kept having trouble hearing us so I knew he had some Deafness.  I asked him about it and he said that he was a little deaf in one ear and that his dog had eaten his hearing aid.  His dog, a Staffordshire Bull Terrior called Lassie, was with him and was getting increasingly fractious the more we spoke to him and sadly the dog got the better of me, as yet again we didn't offer to pray because I thought I might lose my hand in the dogs mouth! I feel a bit bad about it but we did give him a leaflet with the church details on and amazingly he even remembered where the Church met from our last conversation.  I am so amazed that he was Treasure again, maybe this isn't the last time either and next time his dog will be a little calmer and we will get to pray for him again. 

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Digging For Treasure

I said in a previous Blog that each Treasure Hunting experience is totally different and our latest Hunt was definately a case in point! Before we started our Treasure Hunt, we were praying and just asking God's presence to come as that is the most important thing, so that we are able to release God's presence whilst we are walking around.  I had a clear picture of a golden spade - it was really big and I wasnt sure if it was a clue for the Hunt or a picture for us.  To cover both basis I put it as a clue but also discussed it with Lizzie, I thought it might be about digging foundations in our church for Prophetic Evangelism and Lizzie said maybe it was to do with us having to dig for Treasure!  Little did we know!

We looked at our clues and decided on the route that they seemed to be taking us on so we went through the Cathedral Green, past the Pasty Shop, and up the high street towards the Odeon.  We took a slow walk up the street expecting to see some of the clues we had for appearances, but we didn't see anybody at all, which is really unusual but undeterred we carried on.  We carried on up towards the Odeon, and began to realise that we were passing lots of clues but they weren't people, they were things in shop windows or other shops on our list.  We walked past a Flower shop, Sainsburys, an Orange jumper, and Dominoes.  Everything seemed to be leading us to the Odeon and I really felt that when we got there somebody would be outside and they would be our Treasure.  But no!  We got to the Odeon and there wasn't anybody around at all, it was really quite odd because normally we would stop a few people and then strike gold but nobody we had seen had fitted any of our clues, not even slightly! I suggested that we walked back down the same way we had come up seeing as all the clues were on the same side of the road, and revisit them.  We got a little way down when we suddenly saw her - she had crutches and was wearing a yellow top.  We squealed a little with excitement as we knew this was God's Treasure.  The lady disappeared into a shop for ages so we had to hang around outside and look a bit like stalkers, but it all comes with the territory.  After a while she came out of the shop and Lizzie approached her and explained who we were and that we had prayed before we came out and God had given us the clue of a person with crutches and a yellow top.  We explained a bit more that all our other clues had lead us to her and that we knew we had been sent to come and speak to her today as she was God's Treasure.  She was blown away!  We offered to pray for her leg and she readily agreed, so we found a bench to sit down.  She began to talk and she told how much pain she was in and how last night she had been in bed crying out with all her heart to God for the pain to go, and also to forgive her of things she had done wrong in her past and that she wanted to turn to him - that sure sounds like a Salvation prayer to me! We prayed for her leg and she said the pain was less, so we offered to pray again and she agreed but it stayed the same but she looked at us and said 'This is a miracle, God really heard me last night.' and we agreed.  She said she had always wanted to be a follower of Jesus and that now she was.  I asked her if she wanted to know God and she said she felt she already did, so I gave her a copy of the New Testament, a Why Jesus and a leaflet about Treasure Hunting with our church contact details on it.  She left us, a new women, knowing that Father God had heard her cry and that he loved her so much that he sent us the next day to find her to reaffirm to her what she had prayed alone in her bedroom the night before.  Amazing!

I think the spade was definitely about us really digging in for treasure that day, we could have given up at many points (even before we started as I wasn't feeling too well), we could have given up whilst we walked up the high street and didn't see one person to stop, we could have given up when we got to the Odeon and there wasn't anybody there, we could also have given up whilst we waited outside the shop for the lady as she was in there for ages.  But we didn't and kept digging and we definitely found Treasure.  God loves perseverance!

Friday, 17 September 2010

Baseball hat off to the side

Each time we Treasure Hunt, the technique is the same but the results and how God uses the clues are so different.  It keeps your mind active and also makes you realise how varied he is and how literal we are! We had some odd clues this time, one of the team had stilts, white, another had  plank of wood, and I had famous amongst others. We had no idea how we would see these but we did in various ways. I had also been asking God for more specific clues and I had the clue Baseball cap off to the side. So we started our hunt.

We went to Neros which was one of our locations but didn't see anything so headed a little way up the high street and there leaning against a wall were 2 shortish planks of wood which fulfulled both the clues of stilts and plank of wood in one go! I know they weren't strictly stilts but the lady who had the clue said that they were what she had seen, but had assumed they were stilts! Just as we saw the planks, we saw a lady with bright yellow shoes go steaming past us on the phone, so fast that we couldnt stop her.  By then we knew we were in the right place for some treasure.  As we looked across the street there were two young guys walking down the high street and one was wearing his baseball hat off to the side without hesitation we approached them.  We showed them the maps and all the names on one of the team members map meant something to one of the men, the names were Alun, Tim, Rosemary, James and Tom!  We were amazed! They looked at the ailments and the other guy saw migraines and said that he suffered with them so I offered to pray. I really didnt think he would take us up on the offer at all but he said yes and let me put my hand on his shoulder.  After I prayer he said thanks and they went on their way.  This treasure taught me a few things, firstly never assume that just because the people you approach are young and male that they won't want to be prayed for and secondly that God has as much fun as we do Treasure Hunting by whispering the most random clues in our ears and then helping us find them!

Another Treasure that stood out to me was a young girl we stopped who had blonde hair in a pony tail and was wearing a white top, we showed her the maps and the ailments back pain and fatigue applied to her.  She was pregnant so they were understandable ailments.  I offered to pray for her and also for God to bless her baby, she was really touched that we would do that and accepted.  I prayed and she said a heartfelt thank you and went on her way. As we looked back to the spot where we had seen the girl, the shop front we were outside was really  white.  It stood out from the rest of the shops on the high street.  Just a minute before stopping the young girl we had walked past the Calender shop which has just opened and all the calenders in the window were of famous people, my rather random clue!

It was only at the end of the hunt when I realised that my specific clue of the baseball hat was just that, really specific, as we had only seen one person wearing his hat like that all morning! There is no coincidence with God, he is amazing!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

I am the Treasure

I had an email from our Church office on Friday saying that someone had phoned and had asked if they could join our Treasure Hunting Team! I only scan read the email but was excited and a little confused as well, I was excited as it was another potential Treasure Hunter but really confused how they had known to contact Frontiers Church as there are no links on our webpage, or any other links that I was aware off either! I didn't look at the email again till the next day when I thought I would contact the lady and see who she was and what it was she actually wanted to do.  I re-read the message and I began to realise that I knew who it was, the message said she was from Totnes and involved in Marketplace Ministries.  As soon as I read that, I knew who it was and was very excited as this lady is involved in the Prophetic Ministry which takes place in Totnes Market every Friday.  I contacted her and she was as amazed as I was that I was me and she was she (if you see what I mean!)  She had no idea how she got a link with our church with Treasure Hunting or that I was a member there or anything - she still cant remember how she came across Frontiers Church and Treasure Hunting on the internet!  All I know is, this is such a God thing and I am very excited! She had a clue of Ice Cream and she was amazed to find when she went to my Blog that my photo has me eating a rather large Ice Cream, so I was the Treasure she was looking for that day. 

Friday, 10 September 2010

The Fanatic in The Attic and not the Fella In The Cellar!

Kathie Walters
When we were involved in a powerful move of the Spirit years ago in London, God provided us with some "Fathers" in the faith. Thank God for the fathers and mothers in the Church!
One of them, Arthur Burt, who lives now in Wales, taught us a lot about learning to hear from God. He taught us about the "fanatic in the attic" (I have retold some of his stories on the CD, The Fanatic in the Attic). The "fanatic in the attic" represents your spirit, and the "fella in the cellar" represents your mind. The fanatic in the attic can see a long way off and he can see around corners – there's no distance or time in the spirit realm. The fella in the cellar, your mind, can only see what's right in front of him because he doesn't operate in the realm of faith.
One very rainy Sunday afternoon in England, years ago, Arthur was riding on a bus in the English countryside. He was going between two towns. If you know anything at all about those Sunday afternoon buses in the English countryside – you will know that if you are very fortunate they might run about every two hours. Arthur was glad to be on the bus, out of the rain. In case you don't know, rain in England is cold, not the same as Florida rain.
Suddenly the fanatic in the attic spoke to Arthur: "Arthur, get off the bus at the next stop." Arthur looked out of the bus. Rain, cold rain, and there was NOTHING. The fella in the cellar said, "Are you crazy? There's nothing there and it's pouring with rain." The fanatic in the attic spoke again, "Arthur, get off the bus at the next stop."
Again, the fella in the cellar spoke up, "No, you will just be stuck in the rain."
But you know, the next stop was coming up and Arthur had to make a decision about "who" to listen to...
The Choice We Have to Make
We have a choice all the time, because your spirit man (the fanatic in the attic) and your mind (the fella in the cellar) both talk to you all the time. The Holy Spirit is always telling you to step out in faith, a lot of the time giving instructions that make no sense to the mind. You and I have to choose, just like Arthur on the bus.
Arthur jumped up and rang the little bell that tells the bus to stop. Shortly after that the bus came to a halt and Arthur got off. The bus pulled away and Arthur was left standing by himself in the rain. Nothing in sight – not even a house. He stood there, alone, in the rain, getting cold. The fella in the cellar spoke up, "Well, what now? I told you, you will be stuck."
But there was nowhere to go, so he stood there – getting wetter and colder, of course. After about 10 minutes, a car drove by – and then suddenly screeched to a halt and started to reverse back toward Arthur. The windows rolled down and several heads popped out of the windows. "Arthur Burt! Oh, it's Arthur Burt! Get in, Arthur! Get in, Arthur."
You Might Be the Answer to Someone Else's Problem
Arthur was happy to get out of the rain but didn't really know what was happening. "Oh praise God, Arthur," the people in the car said excitedly. "We are having a healing meeting in our village, and the man who was coming to preach called from London and said he couldn't make it."
Arthur still wasn't sure about it all.
"Arthur, we were just praying and asking God to send someone to preach at our meeting, because everyone is coming! And, Arthur, suddenly there you were – just standing there in the middle of nowhere. Isn't God so great! He sent us a preacher – you."
So, there you are – if you listen to the fanatic in the attic you can be the answer to someone else's problem.
Kathie Walters
Kathie Walters Ministry

Thursday, 9 September 2010

An opportunity missed but a lesson learnt

A couple of days ago I was talking to God about the fact that I wanted more out of Treasure Hunting and I wanted to be living a supernatural life naturally, and for it to impact every part of my life - probably a dangerous prayer to pray in hindsight. I am often inspired by stories I hear of people who go out for coffee and see some one who needs prayer, they approach them and all heaven breaks loose and a mini revival starts to happen, I want to do that!  I want to be less British and more courageous and offer prayer to everyone who needs it.  So, I was going to meet a friend for coffee in town and as I got to the place where I was meeting her, there was a bit of a commotion going on outside. There was an elderly lady laying face down on the ground, with a few people around her, looking after her.  I couldn't tell what had happened and to be honest, when I first saw the scene it was so relaxed that I thought it was some sort of Police re-enactment or something random like that! But it wasn't and the lady had, previous to me getting there, fallen for some reason and now was unable to get up.  As soon as I saw this scene in front of me, the hundreds of stories I have read and listened to flew through my mind.  But I just didn't know how to approach the situation or what to say, and once the Ambulance men arrived it all seemed far to official for little old me to get involved in.  But before they arrived I sat on a nearby seat and just prayed for the lady and then thought through how I could have got involved and what could I have said.  I think, that even though I didn't get involved and pray this time the situation gave me a lot of insight into what to do in that sort of situation.  I think it was like a preview from God of things to come and my Father giving me a chance to realistically think about how does this sort of thing work in reality.  At no time did I feel bad that I hadn't prayed and I think I learnt a lot from it.  It is quite ironic really, as my usual tendency when an accident happens on the street is to run away, God is at work in me - watch this space! 

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Leg Warmers and a Spotty Umbrella

It was quite a different experience Treasure Hunting this week as we were being lead to very different sorts of people and I was being pushed out of my comfort zones.  I think up until now we have been lowered in gently and only really approached older people or respectable looking men and women but yesterday wasn't like that. 

The first person we approached was a young guy who was sat on the Cathedral Green with his three mates.  He had the hugest amount of curly brown hair we had ever seen, so after much deliberation my fellow Treasure Hunter and I went to talk to him.  I have to say, they weren't too forth coming at all and not many of the other clues match up with them, but for me it was more about the going up to them than anything else and it was good to do it.  As we turned around to go to our first location I saw a man in a red top and seeing as he was on the Cathedral Green as well we thought we would approach him.  When we got closer I was really excited to see that he was a Postman which was one of my 'unusual' clues.  He was much more friendly and we chatted for a while and we found out that he suffered with back pain but didn't want prayer for it.  But we said that we really felt he was God's Treasure and he said that we had made his day. 

One of the other more prominent Treasures we found was a lady who was outside a shop which had Leg Warmers by the door and the shop next door which had a display of Spotty Umbrellas, she was also wearing a light green jacket. I was very pleased to see that she had a Fish symbol on a necklace so I felt we were on more familiar ground. She was lovely and we showed her the maps and Bob was her Husband and she had back pain due to curvature of the spine. We offered to pray and she accepted, I had a real sense that she was going to be healed.  But during the middle of us praying her phone rang and she left us quickly to speak to her daughter.  I felt quite disappointed but we don't know what happened in that short time we were praying for her or in the time afterwards.

The last person we approached was a man on a mobility scooter, this was out of my comfort zone as well but he had a red top on so we thought we would go and chat to him. He looked quite dubious about us but after a little chat he told us he had Parkinsons and accepted prayer.  We prayed, but it was only as I opened my mouth to pray that I realised that I didnt really know what Parkinsons was so it was hard to come against it.  After we had prayer we spoke to him and he explained that Parkinsons is to do with insufficient Dolpamine in the brain so I offered to pray specifically for that but he refused but he said a heart felt thank you for praying previously.

I think I learnt a lot today, I learnt that teenagers and young men aren't that scary, and can be quite open, I also learnt that you need to read the situation you are in and the person you are talking too well, and not to push to much, however well meaning it is. I also learnt the importance of finding out specifics about an illness before praying and but last but in no means least, I learnt that mobile phones really do go off at the most inopportune moments!

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Four healings in Church this morning!

What an exciting morning!! We heard a couple of amazing stories during church about healings that have happened recently and at the end of the meeting me and a few other people prayed for those who needed healing.  The first one was a man who had hurt his back that morning and it was quite painful, we prayed and the Holy Spirit really met with him and he was completely healed! The next one was a man who had a pain in his neck which was linked to muscle spasms in his lower back, we prayed once and it was a bit better.  We offered to pray again and he accepted and this time the pain was better again, we prayed for a third time and that time it was a lot better.  Whilst we were praying I saw the muscles moving into place, I told the man this and encouraged him that I felt that there would be complete healing as the day went on.  The third person we prayed for had hardening tendons in his left hand as a result of diabetes, we prayed for him 4 times (we were feeling determined!), and each time the pain got less and less, after the fourth time he said that it had almost gone.  He later told us that before he left church that morning the pain had gone completely! The last person we prayed for was a lady who had painful knees and  black cloud/floaters which would float across her right eye.  We prayed for her knees first, I put my hand on her knees and as we prayed I felt something in her knee move! She tested it afterwards and she said the pain had completely gone!  We then prayed for her eye and when she opened her eye she could no longer see anything floating across her eye!  WOW!  What an amazing morning!  Thank you Father!

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Knee healed!

Treasure Hunting is a funny thing, the amount of times we start out and we seem to get nothing and people don't want to know or we cant even find the clues! This week this was not our experience - we got out on the High Street and I think nearly everybody who passed matched our Appearance clues and it was really busy! It nearly blew my mind, but I felt God say to me that all people are his treasure and we could stop any one of these people and they could encounter him, so this felt like an encouraging start to the morning.

We stopped and talked to lots of people this morning but I will tell you about just a few of them.

One of the significant Treasures from the morning was a lady with a walking stick and a Primark Bag, we also noticed when we stopped her that she had a loose gold chain round her neck. We chatted for a while and found out that she was a Christadelphian so we asked her what that was and we chatted about the similarities to Christianity and things (I still dont really know what it is, but I am going to look into it), we then offered to pray for her and she said that we could pray for her back as she had broken in 10 years ago and then had a car crash a couple of years later so was in alot of pain and on pain killers. She looked a bit shocked when I asked her if we could pray for her there and then, but she accepted. When we had prayed she had a bit of a move around and said that it was definately easier but not gone, we offered to pray again but she wasnt too keen but thanked us and left. I really believe that if we had prayed again, her pain would have gone, but we can only offer.

We then headed up the High Street and one of our more random appearance clues was purple, my Treasure Hunting friend didn't know if it was a top or bag or what it was, until we realised it was all of those and more! As we looked up the street we saw a lady dressed head to toe in purple, she had purple trousers on, a purple top, and a purple cardigan! There was no doubt in any of our minds that she was God's Treasure, so we approached her. The names Sylvia, Lizzie and Tom meant something to her and she had a painful knee due to Arthritis. So we offered to pray her and she accepted. She sat on a bench and I knelt down and put my hand on her knee and prayed. Once I had prayed I asked her to stand up and test it out and she did, she was amazed to find that the pain had gone. She said that she would need to walk a bit as that was when it hurt the most, so she did and she was thrilled to tell us that it didnt hurt. She was really excited as she was going on holiday in September and to have no pain would be excellent! She went for a bit of a longer walk to the end of the bench turned round with a beaming smile on her face and said 'Thanks so much, the pain has gone' and then waved goodbye! I wanted to call her back to chat some more but she was gone. We were so excited! Next time healed and saved!!!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

A healed Finger and Blue Shoes!

We were joined today by a brand new Treasure Hunter and she was very excited and up for the challenge; I on the other hand, was lacking in faith and feeling like nothing much was going to happen today. I had to have a word with myself and stop listening to lies and then began to pray that we would find the clues that God had given us. We were heading to the Costa Coffee Shop in Princesshay and we saw a lady sitting outside with a yellow bag, we were going to approach her but somebody she knew turned up and they started chatting so we thought it would be rude to interrupt, as we turned round there was a lady Street Cleaner coming along and the bag which she put her rubbish in was bright yellow, seeing as she was also outside Costa we decided to chat to her. She looked at the clues on all 3 maps but nothing else applied to her, so we just asked if there was anything that she would like prayer for and she showed us her fingers. On of them was swollen slightly crooked, she said she had fallen over a couple of weeks ago and fractured two of her fingers, one was much better but the one which was swollen was still painful. I asked if we could pray for her and she agreed. She put her hand on mine and then I put my other hand on top, I began to pray for healing of the finger and I felt her finger move. When I had finished I asked her how it was and she was about to just fob us off with an 'oh its fine' but then she clenched her fist and said 'Wow it is alot better!' It was amazing, sadly she had to get off to work so literally left straight after being healed, so we couldnt talk to her about what had just happened. But maybe we will see her again!

We then moved down the road to the Post Office and stood outside was a man with blue shoes on! They weren't just nominal blue shoes, they were sky blue trainers - seriously in your face shoes! So there was no denying we had to talk to him. We approached him and he was very friendly and open to help us with our other clues. It turned out that he had an Aunty Betty, and an Uncle Frank and he had recently had an operation on his knee and his wife had problems with her ears! That was a lot of clues which applied to him. We asked him what his beliefs were and he said he was an Atheist, so I asked him what he thought about the clues and finding him today. He said he thought it was just random! I was quite surprised really as so many of the clues fitted him. So we chatted to him for a while longer and then he went to leave and he said that we had made his day! We have no idea what that man will consider about what happened to him today, but I do know that we made an invisible God, very visible to him, and maybe it is a step toward him actually being able to see God for himself one day.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Healing on a Bench

Shortly after my experience of praying for the old man who sat next to me on a bench and him being healed of Chest Pains, my fellow Treasure Hunter had an amazing experience.  She was walking to work and saw a man sitting on a bench holding crutches, she felt that God wanted her to pray for him.  She immediately went into the shop he was sat outside and hoped he might be gone by the time she came out, but he wasnt!  She came out and very bravely approached him and explained who she was and that she really felt that God wanted her to pray for him.  She asked why he had the crutches and he said that he had recently had a Hip Replacement operation and was in alot of pain.  So she offered to pray for that and he gladly accepted.  After praying, she asked how his hip was feeling and he said that the pain was alot better but not gone completely, so she offered to pray again.  He was a bit bemused but accepted and after praying for the second time the pain was completely gone! Wow!!  Thank you Father!

Stepping out is the hard bit but it is so fantastic that God does the rest - watch this space for me 'Bench' encounters!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Three of God's Treasures

Whilst Treasure Hunting this week we found 3 lovely Treasures.  The first one we met as soon as we started Hunting, I spotted the Blue Leather Bag from across the High Street so we went over to speak to her.  She stopped and looked at our maps and four names meant something to her, Amy was her best friend, Mary was her Aunty, Luke was her Uncle and Anthony was her Cousin, that was pretty good confirmation that she was our Treasure.  She looked at the ailments and she pointed to Tonsils, she explained to us that she gets reoccurring Tonsillitis and has it about once every two months and pretty much lives on Antibiotics.  We asked if we could pray for her and she said yes - it still amazes me when people say yes despite not being Christians and when they don't really know what is going to happen, but it is fantastic when they do! We weren't able to tell if any healing had taken place as she wasn't suffering from Tonsillitis at the time, but we did chat to her for a bit .  One of the things I need to work on is opening the conversation up and being more on the offensive (for want of a better word) for God and his supernatural power.

The next Treasure we found was a lovely old guy who was walking past the Open Air Cafe in Princesshay. He was walking his dog  (all three of us had dog on our maps so we knew he would be significant) He told us how he had lost his wife of 48 years only a few months ago in March, we had Widow as a clue.  He was so sad and said if it hadnt been for his dog he would have thrown himself under a bus!  My heart went out to him, and I knew that God wanted to show him how much he loved him.  We asked him if he had any belief and he scoffed and said he hardly believed in himself!  We offered to pray for him, and he accepted.  We spent a bit of time just ministering to him and asking God to show his love to him, he was visibly moved when we finished. He then asked us about Church  so I invited him to come along, I shall keep an eye out for him, I really hope he comes.

Our last Treasure came from determination on my fellow Treasure Hunters.  I had the clue Pink Belt and Lizzie was determined to find it, so we headed to St James area of town (I had St James as a clue but I didn't know if it was a location, or something else - we later found out!) In front of us was a lady and I just caught a glimpse of a pink belt so we got ahead of her, so as not to pounce on her from behind. When I looked again it wasn't strictly a pink belt, but a pink band on her trousers. We decided that was close enough and went and spoke to her.  She turned out to be a Christian so was really open, I asked her where she went to church and she said St James!  So the clue was actually two fold as we followed it as a location but also it was significant to this ladies life as well.  We asked if there was anything we could pray for her about and she was worried about work so we were able to pray for that and she was really grateful.

In some ways these three Treasures seem quite small and insignificant, but God spoke to me about not belittling the small things and thanking him for them and then they will increase.  I also think that we do not know what impact we have on a persons life, take the man who had been recently widowed, we were able to show him the Fathers love and spend time with him.  It didn't really cost us a lot but could have been worth everything to him.  

Monday, 19 July 2010

Chest Pain Healed!

The adventures on the Blue Hair day didn't stop there! Nick and I went our separate ways as we had officially finished Treasure Hunting for the day. I bought myself a sandwich and went and sat in Princesshay. Before long an old man came and sat next to me and the first thing he said to me was that he had to sit down as he was having chest pains! I have to say a million thoughts went through my head, but the main one was 'Uh oh I am going to have to pray for this man', I did also contemplate the fact that he could keel over and I may be having to put my 'Practicalities of Raising the Dead seminar' into practice sooner than I hoped! But I ignored that thought. He said that he had had chest pains since 2.00am but it was too sunny a day to go to hospital. There was something odd about this encounter and I was beginning to contemplate that this man was an angel as it felt very strange, but in a good way! So I thought I would chat to him for a bit, knowing that I should offer to pray for him but was too scared. I was having a two way conversation by this time, one with the man about the Budget and one with God where I was saying I can't I can't I can't! I knew I would regret it if I walked away and didn't pray for him so I asked God for courage, at that moment the man turned his head away and on the back of his baseball cap it said 'I'm loving it!' and I really felt that God was saying that to me so I thought, if God is loving it, then so am I! So I offered to pray for him and he accepted happily. I then asked him his name and he said Chris, I was blown away for the second time that morning as Chris was on my Treasure Map and I had known I was going to find a Chris and there he was! So I prayed, I came against the pain and declared health over him and then asked him how the pain was and he said that it was a lot better but not completely gone. So I offered to pray again and he agreed, after praying for the second time he announced the pain was gone! Me of great faith said 'What! Really!' but it was obvious in his face that it had gone. He then really looked at me and asked me where I went to church, so I told him and he said that he would come and bring his profoundly deaf son with him to be prayed for!

The lesson I learnt from this encounter is that Treasure Hunting is never really over and that you aren't 'off duty' so to speak, - that is the essence of living a supernatural life naturally.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Blue Hair

We were Treasure Hunting a couple of weeks ago and one of our oddest clues was blue hair. I was determined to find it but it was coming to the end of the hour we had planned to be out and we hadn't had any joy. I was beginning to think that I hadn't heard very well as I was quite tired or that my eyes weren't very alert, but we kept going and we headed to WH Smiths (it may have been a clue, but I cant remember!), there was a man with an Orange T- Shirt coming out of superdrug at some pace! So we followed him but other than running after the guy we weren't going to catch him, as he disappeared into the distance I turned and saw a girl with what looked like blue/black hair. I tried to work out if that could be classed as blue hair, but by the time I had thought it could be, she had gone. I said to Nick (my fellow Treasure Hunter) that I thought we had just missed our blue hair, he immediately said we should follow her, so we did, but she had also disappeared! But as we came out onto the High Street and looked across the road there, standing on the opposite side of the road was a lady with the bluest hair ever!! I couldn't believe it! We crossed the road and approached her, she was willing to stop and talk and we showed her the clues we had. Up until then, none of the people we had talked to that morning had any of the ailments on our maps. She looked at the names and none of them meant anything to her but when she looked at the ailments she said that all of them related to her, the clues were Pregnancy, Digestive problems and weight loss/gain, she said she had Poly-cystic Ovaries and Endometriosis, and had been told she wouldn't be able to get pregnant, but she informed me that if she isn't able to get pregnant she will adopt babies from China, the Poly-cystic Ovaries gave her IBS and this subsequently caused weight gain. We were all amazed!!!! She then asked me if I had anything on our maps about dogs, so I looked and was astounded to see that I had dog as a clue under unusual on my map and China which she had previously mentioned when talking about adopting babies! I was blown away and so was she! She told us that she did Angel Reading and that she had been talking to the angels about this yesterday so we talked a bit about our beliefs of angels and she was really open to talk. I offered to pray for the ailments she had and she accepted. I was so excited and overwhelmed by the Treasure we had found that I forgot to ask her if she felt anything, but I will remember for next time. We told her about our church and gave her the website address to find out more about it, she was genuinely amazed by the experience as were Nick and I!

The lesson I learnt from this is that you have to keep going and God will lead you to the right places to meet his Treasure.

Friday, 16 July 2010


I went out Treasure Hunting today with two others and we had a great time! My favourite Treasure of the morning was a lady who was in Ghandi Street and she had red hair. She was happy to stop and talk and she looked at our Treasure Maps and lots of the names meant things to her, there was Sam who was her Fiances son, Anne was her Mother in Law and Frances was a friend of hers from her course. So we knew she was the treasure we were looking for. She looked through the Ailments and said she had hayfever but the one which stood out to her the most was the word Separated. She told us about how her Husband had died 5 years ago when her youngest daughter was 4 and her Daughter lived with a constant feeling of loss of being separated from her Dad, as did she. We offered to pray for her and her Daughter and she happily accepted, so we prayed for her and her family to be filled with joy and God's love. We then spoke to her about how much God loved her and we spoke about Father God filling the hole that she felt was in her life. She soon went on her way but it was a really special encounter, and a privilege to be able to pray into somebody's life and share with them about God's love.