Monday, 20 December 2010

Healing via Facebook Chat!

On Saturday evening my friend contacted me on Facebook chat.  We were meant to be seeing each other that day but due to the snow she wasn't able to make it.  She said she was disappointed as she wanted me to pray for her knee, she had fallen over on some ice a few days before and her knee had frozen up and was really painful.  I remembered stories of people being healed by text so I thought I would offer to pray for her over Facebook!  It seemed a bit mad but I felt it was the right thing to do.  I typed a prayer and there didnt seem to be any improvement,  I then told her to put her hand on her poorly knee and say what I had written.  I didn't hear any more from her that evening (I don't know where she went - I will have to ask her!).  But I just spoke to her (again on Facebook chat) and she told me that on the Saturday evening there hadn't seemed to have been any improvement, but when she got up on the Sunday morning, her knee was a lot freer and it was at lunch time that she realised that she hadn't needed to take any pain killers all day and up until that point she had been taking lots of them.  She went out for a long walk in the snow today and had a little residual pain but hardly anything at all!  She is thrilled and I am so excited!  Who would have thought that God likes Facebook too!! He really can use anything! Thank you Father!

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