Monday, 17 January 2011

'Its the Wolf jacket!'

A while ago, Lizzie and I were out Treasure Hunting and we both had two very similar clues. One was somebody wearing a jacket with a horse on it and mine was somebody wearing one of those fleecy jackets with wolves on it. We both felt very strongly about them and they were also the last clues we both wrote down, but we didn't find either clue on that day and we were a little perplexed about it at the time!

We forgot about it as each Treasure Hunt is new and different, but whilst out this week we were walking along looking for clues when I said 'Look at that lady with the fleecy jacket with dogs on, its a shame it isn't wolves!' and at that instant Lizzie pointed right next to the lady and said 'What! Like that one!' Walking in front of us was a lady with the exact same jacket on that I had seen a few weeks before, so we quickly decided to stop her. We later realised that she was outside WH Smith which was a clue for this hunt. She was moving at some speed but we caught up with her and explained the best we could that she was a clue from a previous Treasure Hunt and could we pray for her about anything. She said that she had heart problems and had been depressed for a couple of years. She told us about her heart (it is always good to find out exactly what is wrong, so you can speak specifically to it). Amazingly, her heart problem was exactly the same as somebody elses in our church who had been prayed for that Sunday, and when he went for the tests the next day he had no signs of any problems at all and was completely healed! So I was able to testify to her about this and build her faith and then we prayed! Both conditions would be difficult to tell right away if things had changed but she had tears in her eyes as she thanked us for praying for her and she was obviously touched by God. We may never know what happened, but she was God's Treasure and he showed his love for her on that rainy day outside WH Smiths in her Wolf jacket!

We stopped quite a few people that day and they were all amazing and special, but the other one which stands out was a Big Issue Seller who was wearing a High Vis Waistcoat, stood outside Boots, When he looked at our maps and we started to go through the names the connections were incredible - Shelly was his Sister, Heather was his Aunt, Fiona was another Aunt, Keith was his Uncle and married to Fiona, Ryan was the son of Keith and Fiona, and Josie was a worker at his Hostel! It was nearly every name on the list! Then he looked at the ailments and he had a cough, Sinus problems, and problems with his eyes! We told him that he was definitely God's Treasure and asked if we could pray for him and he said yes. We prayed for him but were so blown away by all the clues matching up that neither of us remembered to ask how he was feeling afterwards - whoops, good job we have a billion chances with our Father!

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