Thursday, 27 January 2011

So many Plaits!!!

It seemed a very different experience Treasure Hunting today, not sure if it was just because it was freezing and nobody wanted to stop, or just that God was showing us new things!

One of my clues was Cowboy Hat! I really didn't think we would find it and just thought I had gone a bit loopy! But as we stood outside the Travel Agents and contemplated whether we should talk to the man in the green coat next to us, a man went steaming past us with a cowboy hat on !!!!  We had to run after him as he was going so fast, but we caught up with him in the end and he stopped to chat.  Lizzie and I both had Steve on our maps and he had known a Steve who had committed suicide a few years ago,  but nothing else matched up with him particularly so we offered to pray for him and he accepted, but then his bus appeared and he was gone! I was still amazed by the hat though!! A great clue - thank you Father!

Lizzie and I also both had plaits on our maps, Lizzie felt they would be red and I had blonde but both of them plaits.  When we first started Treasure Hunting Lizzie had had Plaits a couple of times and we had never found them on either occasion so we were both a bit dubious about putting them down again but never the less we did and after much searching and thinking we would never find this illusive hairstyle, along walked a girl with blondish hair with red highlights and low and behold a PLAIT!!! She and her friend were going at some pace again but we began to go after her and as we did another girl walked past us with two brown plaits! We were so amazed that we went to follow after her, but changed our minds and went back to the first girl but they were then busy trying on Boots in the warm, we lingered for a while but it didn't look like they were coming out.  We went back to where we had seen both girls and as we looked there was yet another girl with Plaits!  But again she was walking so quick and went into a shop and was intently looking at clothes.  Again we lingered but she wasn't leaving the shop so we went back again to 'Plait Corner' and as we looked, we nearly fell over, there was yet another girl with plaits coming towards us.  I cant remember why we didn't stop this 'plait' lady, maybe shock :-).  It was like a Plait blessing from God, I expect he was laughing in heaven as our amazement grew at each person! Perseverance really does pay off!

We stopped a couple of people who didn't seem to be on the maps, one man who, thinking about it now, had on a green jacket.  We asked him if there was anything we could pray about for him and he told us that he had a prosthetic leg and the bit of his leg which went into it was very sore, it was at the knee.  He was really pleased that we prayed for him and he said that he knew it would get better now.  I was really thrilled to talk to him as one of my dreams is to see a leg grow out from a stump. I didnt feel that I could offer to pray for that quite yet, but there will come a day and this just felt like God giving me a gentle nudge and a smile of encouragement.

The other lady we stopped who wasn't on our maps was a lady in a wheelchair, we offered to pray for her and she said that we could but it would probably do us more good than her and she sped off. Lizzie had begun to ask her before she left why it was she was in the wheelchair and she shouted over her shoulder 'Polio!'.  Lizzie looked shocked as she was going to put Polio down on her map but had thought that nobody had Polio these days so hadn't written it down!  What a shame - but a lesson learnt for us.  Always write things down, even if they are as odd as Mr Bloddy, and Sherlock Holmes which we didn't find today - there's always next time!

Oh yes and I saw yet another girl with Plaits on the way home! Amazing!!

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