Monday, 24 January 2011

Wahoooooo we got a name! (and Wolf Jacket AGAIN!)

I have been praying recently for more specific clues and for them being spot on so that the person cannot deny that it is them and that God has spoken.  I went out a few days ago with lizzie and I had the name Jackie on my map, we also had white trousers, and pink scarf.  We were walking up the High Street and I looked behind me and there were two ladies walking towards us, one with white trousers and the other with a pink scarf! We stopped them and explained what we were doing and when they looked at the maps they both gasped as Jackie was the lady with the pink scarf.  She then looked at the Ailments and she was having problems with Toothache.  I was able to tell her about two people in our church who had been prayed for with toothache and both had been healed.  Sadly she declined prayer and went off with her toothache - but I was still thrilled to have got the name and all the other clues as well!

One of the most interesting Treasures on that day was a person wearing combat trousers, a baseball cap (I had blue, but his was black but we wont worry about that!) and, can you believe it, a wolf jacket again!  Now the Wolf Jacket wasn't on our maps but it was a clue that we had about a month ago and never found and on our last Treasure Hunt, Lizzie and I had an amazing encounter with a lady with a Wolf Jacket on (we think we may have the Wolf Jacket anointing!)  We thought we were approaching a man, but when we got up to him we found this wasn't quite the case.  He was fully made up and wearing diamond jewellery, I then recognised him as a man I had seen a few times walking around town in women's clothes. I completely amazed myself as I didn't bat an eyelid at all - and I felt completely accepting off him! He looked at our lists and said sort of apologetically that he was Trans Gender and that he was going through a sex change - we said that it wasn't a problem and asked him to look at the ailments. The lady told us that she had fallen over in the snow and chipped the bone in her knee.  We offered to pray and she accepted.  She wasn't healed at that point but we were able to have a conversation with her about her beliefs and her life and it was an amazing encounter.  It turned out that she read the bible and would like to go to church but due to work wasn't really able to and that she believed in God.  We told her how much God really loved her and after a while she went on her way, I don't know what will come of that for her, but it was amazing and she went away feeling accepted and loved by God. 

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