Thursday, 27 January 2011

Look who we found!!!

I had often wondered whether we would find Treasure and it would be somebody that I knew, well it happened the other day! My friend and I were round the back of WH Smiths next to the big Columns there, when out of a coffee shop came a couple from our church! We went up to say hello and I was joking about them being treasure, but as we looked we realised that they were actually Treasure.  The man was carrying a Green Bag, they were by the Columns and by a jewellery shop which had Diamonds in it!  One of my friends Ailments was Mental Illness but as we talked she said that actually she had seen a brain and something wrong with the brain so had assumed it was mental illness, but it wasn't.  The Treasure we had found had recently had a stroke and still has a brain clot in his brain which is inoperable.  He said that his life had come to a stand still as he isnt able to drive and he is worried that it the clot move again and cause another stroke.  So we offered to pray for him which he readily accepted.  I have prayed for him a couple of times before and I quite clearly see the clot breaking down little by little as it is bombarded with prayer, so I was happy to give it another good hammering! He gets tested in the middle of February so we wait to hear what the Docs say.  The lovely thing about this Treasure was that all the clues were on my friends map who didnt know this couple at all, so it was really encouraging for her and for the Treasure.

We spent a lot of time looking for purple shoes and really didn't think we were going to find them at all when all of a sudden a girl in the purplest shoes ever walked past us.  I didn't hesitate and approached her straight away.  She was with her Gran whose name was Sandra (another name - yippeeeeeee), and she was suffering with weakness due to just finishing chemotherapy for breast cancer.  We offered to pray and she jumped at the chance, she was getting her results early February and wanted them to be clear.  So we prayed against the cancer and for strength to return to her body after the Chemo.  Her Granddaughter was really pleased that the clue that we had stopped them for had been her purple shoes as it was her Gran, who we had just prayed for, who had bought her the shoes - she was really touched!

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