Thursday, 2 December 2010

Partially Sighted in one eye - healed!!!!!

I went Treasure Hunting this week with a friend of mine and we found lots of Treasure, we were amazed at how many of the people we stopped to talk to were Christians! It is lovely to speak to people who already know God, as you feel like you are talking the same language as them and it is lovely to get to pray for them. The person who stands out the most from the morning was a lady we met at the back of M&S who was wearing a blue coat with a white stripe, on the coat was also a sewn red motif of trees! She had a friend called Gareth, and Simon and her best friend was Diane. She was definitely treasure! She looked at the list of ailments and nothing related to her but she said that she was partially sighted in one eye! We asked her what was actually wrong with her eye so that we could pray specifically and her Husband said 'Its called blindness', so that made it pretty clear for us. I asked if I could put my hand on her eye and apologised as my hands were freezing. I began to pray and spoke healing over her eye, I took my hand away and she was rubbing the side of her eye and said that is was really warm and she had tears in that eye! I had felt warmth as well which was amazing as it was sooooooo seriously cold, and my hands were like blocks of ice. I told her that it was God's healing power causing the warmth and asked if we could pray again and she accepted. After praying I took my hand away and asked her if there was any difference and she said that she could see my face, she said it wasn't fully clear yet - so we prayed again! Again, when I took my hand away I asked how it was and she said it was amazing, and she could see the sky clearly. She was so happy and declared that she was very pleased that she wore her blue coat that day! We chatted for a while and I asked her how her eye was and she said it was getting more clear as the time was going on. She gave us a big hug and her Husband shook our hands and they went on their way. It was so exciting and such a thrill to see God use us like that.

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