Thursday, 18 November 2010

Shoulder Healed!!

Lizzie and I decided to Treasure Hunt in the Cowick Street area.  It was a very different feel to Treasure Hunting in town - there weren't so many people and those who were there, were definately about their business and didn't want to stop to talk (probably because you only get 2 hours in the carpark and also people are there just before School pick up time, so time is limited.)  But saying that we still found Treasure and had an amazing experience.

We had a clue of the Park near the river so we headed over to it, as we were nearing the park we saw someone walking towards us with Sunglasses on!  We stopped her and explained what we were doing, but none of the clues seemed to fit with her until she looked at the Ailment clues and one of the clues was Muscle Weakness and she immediately said that was her and that she had just been to the Osteopath (could have been Physio, I cant remember) as she had got a problem in her shoulder which was causing her pain and poor movement.  She said that the muscles and tendons were weak, so we offered to pray and she accepted.  We prayed and afterwards we encouraged her to test out her shoulder.  So she lifted her arm out to the side and looked amazed and said that she was able to lift it alot higher than before.  She could still only lift her arm to shoulder height so I offered to pray again and she readily accepted.  We prayed and again asked her to test her shoulder out and this time much to her amazement she could lift her arm right up! We thanked God for what he had done and told the lady how much she was loved by God.  She went on her way a much happier and more mobile person! What an awesome God he is!

One of the things which is amazing us at the moment as well, is how many Christians we are stopping and talking to! We are lead to believe by the Media that Christians are few and far between and that we live in a country where nobody goes to Church any more, or believes in God.  I think this is far from the truth.  We stopped 6 people on this Treasure Hunt and 2 of them were 'Born Again' Christians - that's a third of the people we stopped!  God's people are alive and well in Exeter!  It is still great to find Treasure who already know God - I would love to be on somebodies Treasure Map one day :-).

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