Tuesday, 2 November 2010

3 People healed!!

I have been Treasure Hunting twice in the last 5 days and have seen 3 people receive healing! They have been such exciting experiences and so encouraging. I went out on Friday with a fellow Treasure Hunter and we found lots of treasure. I had a clue of Red Coat, well I think God was having a bit of a laugh as I have never seen so many red coats! So we tried to be selective in who we approached, else we could have been there all day! We also had Red Scarf which proved to about as popular as the red coat! We stopped one lady who had on a Red Coat outside of Burtons. We explained what we were doing and asked if she would look at our maps, there weren't many clues which matched up with her, but I had a clue of arm pain. I thought it was lower arm but it turned out to be upper arm! She said that she was just on her way to the Doctors as she had a lot of pain in her upper arms and restricted movement but she had no idea what it was, hence going to the Docs! So we offered to pray and she said yes. We prayed and when we had finished she went to go and thanked us, but I encouraged her to test out her arms and to see what God had done. The expectation in people for God to heal is so low, a lot of the time they just think you are praying to be kind but God loves to heal and my expectation is very high so we didn't let her leave to quickly. She was a little surprised but put her shopping down and began to move her arm. The look on her face was one of complete surprise, as she was able to move her arm right back which she hadn't been able to do before we had prayed! She was so thrilled, we chatted to her for a while but then she had to go.

Another Treasure on this day that really encouraged me was a lady we stopped in a bright red coat and who's friend had a red scarf on. As soon as I began speaking I knew that they didn't speak English, or at least the friend didn't - the blank look somewhat gave it away. One of the things I had always wondered about was how can you get foreign names as clues if you aren't even aware of what the names could be. I know God could definitely tell you them, but it is hard to hear a word that you don't even know exists! On my map was the name Simone, so we had explained to these two ladies what we were doing and the lady in the red coat was translating for her friend. They then looked at our maps and began looking at the names and none of them meant anything until I said Simone and the lady said that she was called Simoy! I know they aren't the same name but they sound pretty close to me, especially considering the name was Turkish. We then found that Simoy had a problem with her Knee, so we offered to pray. It was only afterwards we found out that they were Muslim, and the lady who didn't speak English was asking questions through her friend about what we were doing. It was a great experience.

I went out today with another fellow Hunter and we had an amazing time as well. I felt really excited about going out and what God was going to do. The first person we spoke to was a lady in a Pink coat, in the Cathedral Area. We began going through the maps and nothing seemed to match up with the lady in the coat but when we went through the ailments the lady who was with her said that ankle pain was her. Well it really turned out to be her Knee/Hamstring, but she has said it was her ankle to begin with. She had fallen over a while ago but was still undergoing treatment for the injured Hamstring. So we offered to pray and she was very enthusiastic about us doing so. Once we had prayed we asked her to check it out and she did and the look on her face was one of amazement! She told us that the aching had gone and she was thrilled! She had a bit of a walk around and she confirmed that the pain and aching had gone! She had to go off and do something so we didn't get much chance to speak to her, she was definitely touched by God though and who knows what will come off that.

The other Treasure which stands out from the morning was a lady who was wearing a Pink Coat, outside the Apple Store with a walking stick. She was a lovely lady and was very willing to stand and chat, we showed her the maps and Louise was her Grand Daughter, but nothing else matched up. So I asked her why she had the walking stick and she told us that she had a new knee and the operation had been three weeks ago - today was her first trip out since the Op! So I offered to pray for a speedy recovery from the operation and she jumped at the chance. She then told us that on Sunday she had begun to experience a new pain in that knee which she was a bit worried about. So we prayed and as I took my hand away I asked her how it felt she said that something was happening. She grabbed my hand and put it back on her knee and told me to do it again! So I did and after the second time of praying she tested her knee and she had much more freedom in her knee joint and a lot more movement which she hadn't had before! It was amazing! She was so excited and gave us big kisses and went on her way! It was only as I was walking home I felt a bit bad that she had kissed us, as the praise and glory was God's, so I apologised to God and felt very relieved that with our Father we have a billion chances - and he knows my heart as well.


  1. Hi Jubie
    You haven't said that the lady was healed in the last post, looks like you've missed a bit out. xx

  2. I saw you today at the Cathedral! (Well, I heard you as I sped past - late again!) well done you on your continued enthusiasm!

  3. Whoops you are right Dad, that's what happens when the phone keeps ringing and kids keep talking to you :-) All sorted now.