Wednesday, 18 August 2010

A healed Finger and Blue Shoes!

We were joined today by a brand new Treasure Hunter and she was very excited and up for the challenge; I on the other hand, was lacking in faith and feeling like nothing much was going to happen today. I had to have a word with myself and stop listening to lies and then began to pray that we would find the clues that God had given us. We were heading to the Costa Coffee Shop in Princesshay and we saw a lady sitting outside with a yellow bag, we were going to approach her but somebody she knew turned up and they started chatting so we thought it would be rude to interrupt, as we turned round there was a lady Street Cleaner coming along and the bag which she put her rubbish in was bright yellow, seeing as she was also outside Costa we decided to chat to her. She looked at the clues on all 3 maps but nothing else applied to her, so we just asked if there was anything that she would like prayer for and she showed us her fingers. On of them was swollen slightly crooked, she said she had fallen over a couple of weeks ago and fractured two of her fingers, one was much better but the one which was swollen was still painful. I asked if we could pray for her and she agreed. She put her hand on mine and then I put my other hand on top, I began to pray for healing of the finger and I felt her finger move. When I had finished I asked her how it was and she was about to just fob us off with an 'oh its fine' but then she clenched her fist and said 'Wow it is alot better!' It was amazing, sadly she had to get off to work so literally left straight after being healed, so we couldnt talk to her about what had just happened. But maybe we will see her again!

We then moved down the road to the Post Office and stood outside was a man with blue shoes on! They weren't just nominal blue shoes, they were sky blue trainers - seriously in your face shoes! So there was no denying we had to talk to him. We approached him and he was very friendly and open to help us with our other clues. It turned out that he had an Aunty Betty, and an Uncle Frank and he had recently had an operation on his knee and his wife had problems with her ears! That was a lot of clues which applied to him. We asked him what his beliefs were and he said he was an Atheist, so I asked him what he thought about the clues and finding him today. He said he thought it was just random! I was quite surprised really as so many of the clues fitted him. So we chatted to him for a while longer and then he went to leave and he said that we had made his day! We have no idea what that man will consider about what happened to him today, but I do know that we made an invisible God, very visible to him, and maybe it is a step toward him actually being able to see God for himself one day.

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  1. I really do admire your belief in your faith and I love reading your posts Julia. See you next week!