Monday, 18 October 2010

Green shoes and loads of other clues!

On my most recent Treasure Hunting adventure we really only found one treasure - we let some slip away as we discussed the actual colour of their shoes, but I am sure they will be treasure another day, note to self, just go for it!

We headed to Burtons and just as we got there we saw a man with green shoes on walk past, he was a very tall man with very long legs so we had to really move to catch up with him!  When we finally stopped him, we explained what we were doing and asked him to look at our clues and so many of them matched with him.  His middle name was Anthony, his wife's name was Lousie, she had  fertility problems in the past and had been on IVF, he sometimes suffered with Asthma and had lower back pain and had just come from the Osteopath! We asked him if we could pray for his back and he accepted, but he said it wasn't hurting at the time so difficult to tell what healing had taken place.  But then we chatted with him for a bit and asked him about his beliefs and he was a really interesting guy, very open.  The interesting thing for us was that he had a Christian friend who he had quite a lot of conversations with, so it seems like we were just another step along the way for this man and his journey to find God. We have been praying that his eyes would be opened to see God, we may never know what happens but it is great to be a part of the bigger picture.

I am also trying to venture off the map when we are out, so if someone catches my attention, to go and talk to them and offer to pray for them.  It is a little more scary as you don't have the clues to fall back on, but it is exciting all the same! So we approached a Big Issue seller, she was lovely!  She told us that her boyfriend was getting out of prison on Friday and asked if we could pray that he gets a job, I said we would and then I asked her if there was there anything she would like prayer for and she began to tell us that he Son had been taken away from her 5 years ago and that she wanted to have him back.  So we began to pray for those two things.  She was really thankful that we prayed and seeing as I see her most shopping trips, I will be able to speak to her again.  It always amazes me what people will tell you about and how open people are and also how genuinely touched they are that someone has prayed for them.  Prayer to us, seems like such a simple thing because we are approaching our Father but to those who don't know God it is a wonder! It is like giving someone a gift.

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