Monday, 18 October 2010

More healings in Church

We had an exciting time at Frontiers Church this Sunday - I was given a bit of time to share testimonies of what God is doing in healing and signs and wonders from around the world at the beginning of the meeting. Testimonies stir faith and they also prophecy to what God is doing, can do and is going to do!  I loved being able to tell people some amazing stories that I had heard, like the man who had his leg amputated above his knee and since he has been prayed for, his leg has been gradually growing out - he now has a knee joint and it is continuing to grow!  Also the girl who had lost a finger nail and whilst she was being prayed for they watched the fingernail grow back and amazingly it grew back with the exact same colour of nail varnish as she had on her other fingernails! During the Worship time, people were invited to come forward for healing - there were loads of people who wanted prayer!  It was fantastic to see people in faith, get out of their chairs and come to the front for healing! A lot of the things we prayed for in the morning are going to take a while to be able to find out what God has done, but I know that God is doing great things so we will wait to hear the stories.

We have been praying regularly for healings on a Sunday morning for about a month or so now, and I am beginning to hear stories of what God has done - here are some of them.

We prayed for a lady with painful knees and the pain has gone, I have since seen the lady about 4 weeks after we prayed for her and her knees are still pain free! Thank you Father!

We prayed for a lady who had a cyst on her ovary, she had a scan the day after we prayed, and the cyst had shrunk to half its size and at the second scan, the cyst had disappeared!  The Doctors cant explain it - but we can! Amazing!

We prayed with a lady who was experiencing pain and bleeding in her pregnancy, she was quite worried, So we prayed and the baby had a fantastic time, spinning and kicking, and the Mum didnt experience any more pain after we had prayed! 

I prayed with someone who was in the early stages of pregnancy and was experiencing horrible Morning Sickness (well all day sickness really!) and she was finding it difficult to work.  She hadnt had one day without being sick since she had fallen pregnant - after praying for her she wasnt sick all week and was able to work with no problem!  Fantastic!

We had a girl come forward for prayer as she had lost her fingernail in an accident, the Doctor had said that the nail bed was dead and that she would never have a thumb nail again! Well we know that God is the God of life so a dead nail bed has no place in a child of Gods body - so we prayed and commanded life into the nail bed.  I completely expected that when I took my hand away that she would have a new nail but she didnt, but our faith was strong (the force was strong with this one :-)).  I didnt see her for a couple of weeks, but after hearing the testimony about the nail regrowing with the nail varnish on it, I really wanted to pray for her again.  She found me on Sunday morning and showed me her thumb, with its new nail on it! It has grown back, but not from the nail bed, it just has sort of formed (!).  She is thrilled and so am I! God is so exciting!

I am so expectant of creative miracles and God doing incredible things through his people, I want to see people have new limbs just growing out and where better to start than with a fingernail!  There is no small miracle - all healings are incredible and miraculous and we need to give honour and thanks for all things that God does.  Honour the little and God will give you more! So I am over the moon about this fingernail and all the healings we have seen so far, and my expectation is increasing each day! We can do all things through Jesus who strengthens us - all things!!! Cant wait!

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