Thursday, 23 June 2011

Stepping out into God's love

I have been Treasure Hunting for a long time now and I love it, and most of the time find it quite easy to stop people and pray for them, but take me out of the Treasure Hunting scenario and it is a lot more difficult.

Whenever I am in town I see people all the time who are sick or in pain and need some prayer and I ignore the nudging of the Holy Spirit as it is to scary, and what would I say!  God has been talking to me about this a lot recently but I didn't really want to be put on the spot and have to do it - but I decided today would be the day that I would pray with determination to find the one person that God would have me pray for whilst in town.  I usually pray before I go out but always with a lack of any confidence that I would actually step out.  As I prayed I got a picture of an elderly lady in a pink coat sitting on bench, I even thought I knew where she would be.  I went to town and was quite scared really as I knew today would be the day, so after much too-ing and fro-ing I walked past the bench where I thought she would be and she wasn't there!  I was more than slightly relieved, but then I realised that there were plenty of people all over the place that needed God's healing power in their lives but sadly I couldn't bring myself to speak to any of them.  I was beginning to think that maybe this wasn't a calling in my life and that I was happy doing Treasure Hunting and that I couldn't be who I wasn't, when in front of me I saw an elderly lady in a pink coat with a walking stick! I would love to say that I ran over to her straight away and offered to pray for her but after walking past her and then following her for a bit I chickened out! Oh dear!

I went into Tesco and I felt bad and disappointed with myself but then I thought that wasn't the way I should be thinking and I thanked God that I had obviously heard from him correctly and that next time I would do it and if I were to see this lady again I would most definitely stop her and talk to her.  I thought this was a safe prayer as I thought she was heading to the Bus Stop! So I went on my way and did a bit more shopping and then went to meet my Husband, but who would walk round the corner towards me but the lady in the pink coat with the walking stick!  I couldn't believe it!! I nearly let the opportunity pass me by again as I am so goal orientated and I thought that I would be late to meet Steve but I just had to turn around and go after her.  She had stopped to catch her breath so I introduced myself and explained that I had seen her when I had been praying and could I pray for her for anything and she said yes straight away!  She told me all about herself and her ailments and wanted me to pray for a quick appointment for an MRI to check her arteries in her heart - so I offered to pray for her heart to be healed and the arteries clear.  She was thrilled to have me pray for her and then she went off with me having told her how much God loves her.

As I turned to walk down the road I saw a couple from Jubilee who came straight over to me as they had seem me praying for the lady and wanted to know what had happened! I explained that it was the first time that I had stepped out like that on my own and they were so encouraging, I felt like it was a heaven sent cheer squad! God is so good!!

Here's to the next time!

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