Thursday, 9 June 2011

Back in the Saddle again and it was amazing fun!!!

Its been quite a while since I have been out Treasure Hunting and I was beginning to believe the lies that i was hearing that said it was really hard and I didnt really enjoy it etc, but the truth is that I love Treasure Hunting and it is such alot of fun even if a little scary, but in a good way! We met so many lovely Treasures, some who wanted prayer and to chat and those who didnt.  The one that stands out the most to me was a man called David, he was wearing an orange baseball cap, outside Sainsburys, when he looked at our maps he was quite blown away by how much matched up with him - he had a relative called Daphney and a friend called Lawrence, he had a painful lower back at times and his knees also caused him problems.  We asked if we could pray for him and he said we could, he didnt know if anything had happened as neither of the ailments hurt all the time but he will know in time. Before we left him we had the pleasure of telling him how much he is loved by God and as soon as we said those words he welled up and looked visibly moved.  I wish we had said more to him but sometimes my Englishness gets the better of me and I dont like to be too pushy. But I am now thinking that it wouldn't have been pushy to have asked him how hearing that God loved him had made him feel and offering to pray for him to experience the Fathers love.  But that is my prayer for him now and maybe we will see him again. We also met someone whos friend was Treasure! We stopped to talk to Janette as she was wearing a bright pink coat  and she was outside Sainsburys, when she looked at the map nothing much matched with her but she did have a friend called Daphney who was in alot of pain with a back problem.   She was a Christian and was thrilled to have us pray for her friend.

I cant wait to go out again and banish my Englishness, and be full of compassion for people and expect lives to be changed by the Father's love.

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