Friday, 4 March 2011

Margaret, Martin and Maggie!

Treasure Hunting is great but as was pointed out to me the other day, it would be great to have some follow up about the healings.  Once those people who are healed walk away from us, it is up to them if they make contact with me or the church and as of yet no one has!   But whilst I was out Treasure Hunting the other day I saw a lady who we had spoken to previously and who we had prayed for about her finger which was broken and slightly bent.  As we prayed I felt the finger move and straighten and when I asked her how it was she said that the pain had completely gone and she was really amazed! The full story is here!  I approached this lady again and as soon as she saw me she gave me a big smile and I didnt really have to explain who I was as she obviously remembered me.  I asked her about her finger and she said that she hadn't had any problem with it since we prayed - thank you Father!! We offered her prayer again but she said that she was fine but this time we gave her some details of who we are and Church details as well.  I was so pleased that she was genuinely pleased to see us and gave us a beaming smile and asked us our names before we left her. I shall keep praying for her and keep my eyes open for her again.

It was a very different Treasure Hunting trip but really good.  Before we went out we prayed a lot about seeing people coming to know Jesus and to be able to pray with people for this.  We had two amazing conversations, one with a man called Martin, who was a street worker ( he was sweeping the paths in Princesshay), he had a colleague called Alan who had been going through a hard time and through reading the bible had become a Christian. He was quite intrigued about this. We had a really long conversation with him about beliefs and God and he was really interested, we talked about peace and how we could live in the peace of God even when the world is seemingly going wrong around us and I asked him if he would like to  know that peace and he politely declined.  Sad for him, but a breakthrough for me as it was the closest I have got to asking someone if they want God to impact their life.  He than began to talk about Paranormal things and how he had seen a film about a girl with a demon who had gone through deliverance.  Amazingly before we had come out I had the clue Deliverance but I hadnt written it down as I was a bit worried to do so as I wasn't sure what we were going to encounter! I should learn and always write everything down! But it opened up a whole conversation about the supernatural which was exciting.  Before we left him we gave him a 'Why Jesus' and a card with contact details on it and seeing as he works in Princesshay I shall keep my eye out for him again.

The last lady we spoke to was called Margaret and we saw her outside the Post Office, just before we saw her we saw a lady with the longest, woolliest Doctor Who Scarf on, so we knew we were on the right track.  Margaret has a pink scarf on so we stopped her to see if we could pray for her.  She looked at the clues and Alan was her Neighbour, and her brother was dying of Cancer (a clue that both me and my friend had ). We talked to her for a long time about beliefs and her beliefs and all sorts of things and she was genuinely interested in what we were saying but she said that it wasnt for her.  So as we left her we gave her a 'Why Jesus' and she said that she would definately read it. 

In some ways this doesn't sound like an amazing trip out, but for me it really was.  I love to pray for healing and to see people healed but we want them healed and saved and this seemed to be a training trip for me, and it is lessons that I am happy and excited to learn.  Next time ..... healed and saved!

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